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  1. Houdini to Unreal - Vertex Animation Textures

    there must be something weird with my setup.. I took a break, came back, saw your post, and opened the project. Guess what.. It's fixed I only stepped away, and came back, so either it was fixed by a magical unicorn, or my 2 year old is better at this shit than me. Weird G
  2. Houdini to Unreal - Vertex Animation Textures

    anyone know why this happens on fluids? I have polyreduce set to number, and i force it to 10000 polys, so i don't think its a polycount thing. I even tried a version where I used 1010 as the target on the export. No dice.
  3. Houdini to Unreal - Vertex Animation Textures

    I get the same results every now and again.. then I restart. Sometimes this fixes it, sometimes not so much. Right now I only get black color maps. Something broke between houdini 16.705, and h16.736 it seems. These effects are awesome when they work. I've got them in my game at the moment The button is a soft vertex anim, and the explosions are fluid. remember to keep color as point data if you want to export colormaps Good luck man!
  4. Houdini to Unreal - Vertex Animation Textures

    Hey Neil. Thanks for the reply! I think I did what you suggested, but the playback was jittery. What I did was create a parameter node and plugged it into where the time node goes in the master material. I don't know if there is a difference between a parameter, and a dynamic parameter as you suggested, but that's what i did. The timeline in the blueprint was set to run from value 0 to 99, as I had 100 frames in my explosion. I will try again, but if you can think of a reason why it would be jittery, please let me know. If you have done this, and don't mind sharing a screenshot of your PB nodes and material nodes, it could maybe help me to double check what to do. Thanks again Gerbrand
  5. Houdini to Unreal - Vertex Animation Textures

    So my next problem is more about me not knowing unreal. I created an actor from the vertex animated fbx, and spawn it into my game on a event. The problem is that it seems to play on a loop, so it will just play from wherever it is looping as it spawns. How would I force it to play from the start of my anim as it spawns into the world? Thanks guys Gerbrand
  6. Houdini to Unreal - Vertex Animation Textures

    This is how i fixed it -.-
  7. Houdini to Unreal - Vertex Animation Textures

    Hey guys, I just tried this witchcraft and its bloody awesome!!! One problem though, When I apply my textures to the fbx in the demo unreal project, all works fine. But.. when I use the fbx I export from houdini, it seems broken. I did check the "full precision uv thing. . The vertex animation textures node in the demo project didn't want to export anything, so i used the one that ships with houdini. I am using indie so i suspect that is why the included hda didn't want to work. Anny suggestions? Thanks Gerbrand
  8. Hey Guys and Girls This is my first post here, although I've read quite a few as a lurker I'm using Houdini to put fur on some alembic files animated in Maya, and I'm getting unexpected stretching of fur. Here is a pic to illustrate the problem: It seems like the tips are deformed by the closest surface, rather than following what is happening to the root. Is there a trick to get the tips to follow the roots? Thanks for looking Gerbrand