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  1. I do, just not taking part, ever since my computer died, I've been dying to jump back into Houdini land, but it's quite depressing when all of your hip files disappear. It's nice to know however, that what feels like a year later people are still responding to my post. Thanks much guys! Nevins Duret
  2. Hello all, I installed some vex shaders found in this forum, and all was going well. All of the sudden, none of them work. Is there some sort of bug with this version that i am not aware of, or did I do something wrong. Again, I checked my triple checked my variables along with the SHOPsurface aas well as SHOPdisplace files. Part of the reason why I'm so puzzled is I checked each shader after I installed them and even rendered them to see how they looked on different geometry. I am running Houdini 5.5.151. Did anyone run into this problem. I'm getting a reputation on this forum for being the guy with the screwed up environment variables. Just a couple of days ago Alex along with Stremik helped me get TCL working, and it had turned out that is was my environment variables that were off. But, vex I fiddled with for so long now. Plus, my VEX geometry in VEX SOP all work beautifully, which also puzzles me even more. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Nevins Duret
  3. Stremik, you're the man. It worked.. It finally worked. Thanks so much for the help guys. I was my environment variables they got screwed up. Nevins Duret
  4. THANKS Stremik, and Alex, I checked the variables in my environment as well as changed the path in the global.tk file over on over again so that it could see the global.cmd file, yet still I have no luck. I even installed tcl from active state before I posted my first posting on this topic, yet still no luck. Gonna keep trying it though Alex, because I had installed it once as you said and it worked perfectly, this time out I am not so lucky... Thanks again. Nevins Duret
  5. Hello all, I wanted to use Sean Lewkiw's global illumination plug-in, but I have not had any success.. The thing that annoys me the most is that I installed it before, and it worked fine. Now I am reinstalling it and it will not work. Please don't laugh, but I am still on Houdini5.0.46. The error I get is : Can't find a usable init.tcl in the following directories.+++ It lists the directories, and says that this means that tcl was not installed properly. Has anyone encountered this problem. Sean has tried to help by having me run basic commands inside the textport, but the only one that works is the unix wish command everything else gives me the error that I mentioned. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Nevins Duret
  6. true..., but if you're on Windows, unless you specify in your variable, it will save it to Temp and not tmp. NEVINS DURET
  7. Hello Dante, Please, don't laugh this is a concept for a character that I'm doing for a friend of mine. The area in the circles indicate where I went wrong with the extrude sop. I used the facet sop and the smooth sop so far but none seems to get rid of the geometry's buckling. Nevins Duret
  8. Hello Mike, Just out of curisosity, what version of Houdini are you running because 5.0.46 is a nightmare. Nevins Duret
  9. Hello Guys, Yes, Betty's suggestion is really good. It was one of my first resolutions to this. But, because I bricker divided the 2D plane prior to extrusion, when I start to make my character's joint move and I render, you see the geometry below the texture map when it is rendered. And, I don't like that very much. Anyone, have any suggestions on how to smooth them out? Nevins Duret
  10. Hello Betty, Yes, Dante's approach works really well. But, unfortunately it does exactly what the duplicate SOP is suppose to do; it seperates the new primitive from the old one. And, my problem is I want them to remain attached to one another. Any, suggestions? Nevins Duret
  11. Hello Jason, I tried your approach, but had no success. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong. Is there an example that you can show me to see how you resolved it. The duplicate SOP seems to do exactly what it says but it splits the two into seperate primitives. I think you are on the right track. Nevins Duret
  12. Hello All, I have a lot of shaders that I want to keep, but am dying to install the 5.5. Is there a way to go about installing the new version or any new version without having to uninstall the old version and reinstall the new version so that all my Shops files do not have to be reinstalled. Any help would be more than appreciated. Nevins Duret
  13. Hello Jens, You are the man!!! It worked. My problem was I used apostrophes instead of back tick, which for you is under the tilda key. Thanks again. Nevins Duret
  14. Hello all, Very quick question. I have a 2D character that I texture mapped the front of with a drawing that I did. But, now I want to texture map his backside but don't have primitives in the back of him to put the drawing of his backside texture map on. Is there a quick way to add the same amount of primitives that I have on his front side to his back side? Thanks in advance. Nevins Duret
  15. OK, Slight problem. I'm trying to solve my problem using another approach and I am glad you brought up the specifics in padding. I did use the padzero command with no success and, I did add my quotes. Here are the examples that I put into the texture map input field of a Vex Layered Surface: mypic_`padzero(4,$F%100+1)`.tga mypic_`padzero(4,floor($FF%100)+1`.tga neither worked. Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong? Thanks in advance. Nevins Duret
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