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  1. Particle separation flip fluids

    Hey thanks So basically this is what you would expect?, Any ideas on how to make it more predictable.
  2. Particle separation flip fluids

    Hey everyone, Trying to wrap my head around flip simulations in Houdini, any help is much appreciated. so here is a animation of the sark i downloaded from the very talented Carlos Parmentier, (thank you) My container is 50x25x55, The rest of the setting are explicitely mentioned in the attached QT, please do take a look. So here are my questions, 1) as we reduce the particle separation, (increase resolution) the simulation changes quite drastically, so say if i were to test a sim at .2 separation, how do you know what you are going to get at say .075, 2) Is there any way to up rez these simulations without such a drastic change in the look of the sim. 3) I'm sure some of you masters in flip sim, could critique my simulation, and guide me to better them . 4) Other than the shelf tool for a white water sim, what would be the best way to get some white water? Thank you.