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  1. Wipeout Racing Vehicle

    Thank you for your explanation. I'm building my own shadersetup, so any information helps. Thank you for that. Can you tell me what exactly you don't like about the metallic workflow? How do you handle reflection color on glancing angles if you don't use a metallic mask? Best, Gregor
  2. Wipeout Racing Vehicle

    Hi Kardonn, can you tell something about the shadersetup? Did you use the principled shader or did you build your own one? What maps did you generate from quixel? Albedo, spec, rough,...? Thank you, Gregor
  3. What Do "Good" UVs Look Like?

    Those are really streched as hell and very bad. I would unwrap in a way that you get seams on the back, or under your armpits, etc. - where you don't see it the most time in your shots. Software to unwrap as you like I would say. I use for such task 3d-coat and blender. But maybe you need something more advanced if you plan to use udims for your maps. Maybe you won't need it at all if you have ptex at your hands. Houdini and 3D-Coat both can work with ptex formats. With 3D-Coat you can bake between uv's and ptex in both direction I think.
  4. Wow, what a found! Your Wiki is great! Thank you!
  5. Principled Shader Opacity?

    Hi! Refraction is per se missing on the principled shader. The principled shader does not support it out of the box. You might want to use the refraction component, but I dunno. I've read somewhere how to mutate the principled shader to support this, but I don't find it anymore.... You might want to try build your own one: http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini15.0/shade/build at the bottom, or use a glass preset. The principled shader is nothing more than a prebuild ubershader if you want to say.
  6. nine-o-phobia anyone?

    Thats why I like the PAL fps much more than the NTSC one. I can't get why in digital internet tv galore there should be a 29,97 whatever stupid AAAARGL!!!!!! Just kidding. I don't care at all. Shall the computer get it's problems with it.
  7. I found this tutorial too, very cool:
  8. Its the same in programming. If you don't have guidelines how to name and store things it will work for this task maybe, but in the long run you are not able to reuse your work in an easy way. That implies, in a bigger team you need somehow one person that whack your head if you're sloppy. Edit: marty wrote: Whoops, already said... So far my experiments and slightly diving into Houdini lets me think that this way of doing things has much more in comming with programming than I thought. Maybe pair fx'ing or agile fx'ing could lead to lesser costs - depends on the work needs to be done. If it's a one shot why not take the hammer and nail it fast down?
  9. Thank you very much for your explanations! I really appreciate it! I made this for you: https://youtu.be/OgZ7kGKKQTw Here I used the group node with bounding geo method, really easy to use! Then I wrote a obj sequence and diddled a bit in fusion. I will study all the sop nodes, there are really cool ones!
  10. Hi folks! First of, I'm a noob, so maybe this task seems to be very basic. Lets say I have a grid. Then I have a polysphere. Both of them are inside an geometry node. I would like to delete all points from the grid, that are not covered by the sphere. Would be the correct way to somehow paint a color onto the grid with the sphere and use that to delete with an expression? I don't know how this could work, and I'm not sure how to feed Dr. Google with this - I think basic - question. I'd like to copy boxes onto the grid, but only where it intersects with the sphere. The copy node has a group parameter so I thought this would be the way to go. I'd like to animate this effect. Thank you for reading
  11. Awesome plug-in

  12. If you are a keyboard centric guy blender for modeling is worth a view. I use it as companion in almost every project, because it's so fast for myself. I used MODO a lot the last 2 years, but its too clicky for me althought it has advanced tools compared to blender. I looked at the Houdini tools for modeling, but I don't think its something that I would want to use for fast pushing points. Personal opinions.
  13. Soccer Cell

    very cool!