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  1. Combining sim mesh with non-sim

    The easy way is to blend them in compositing, otherwise you can convert the grounds as VDBs and then merge them together.
  2. Hi guys! I'm having a problem regarding how to merge an animation generated by a dynamic simulation with a transform controlled animation. Basically, i have a vehicle that needs to be animated (it destroy a wall and then it lands on the terrain). To try a different approach i choosed to make my vehicle a RBD object with an initial velocity. After tweaking the friction and the bounciness i'm finally quite happy with the result. Still, this animation needs to be tweaked with some minor movements of some components and the animation needs to continue (since the initial velocity can carry the vehicle till a point). I cannot find a way to make my static vehicle guided by this sim. Any suggestions? In the worst scenario, since the .sim files keep the various groups i can replace my static object with the sim sequence.
  3. I added a sticky note in the SHOP network. By the way there is something wrong with the file size, even if i unlocked the mesh and pasted the nodes in a new scene it's still heavy. 001.hdr retake.hipnc
  4. I tried it a little, i don't have a lot of time right now so i didn't composited the image. With the vorticity pass it should bring up a nice diffuse so you should give it a try. In the diffuse tab you forgot to activate the base color (a starting point could be 0.23 0.36 1). Also i decreased the refraction value to 0.3 but i guess that depends also from the hdri you use. The render is nothing fancy it's pretty basic and it took around 4 minutes to render it but could be optimized more i belive. With an object inside the fluid you should see the transparency of the fluid much more.
  5. No, not really. That's why i told you to download the scene files of that masterclass. So you can see the shader they used and the light in the scene. If you can't find the link: https://www.sidefx.com/media/uploads/tutorial/h15_lessons/masterclass/h15_mc_flipfluids_files.zip
  6. You can try with the scene files of this masterclass, to be honest once you have created a simple env light with a nice hdri you are pretty much done. A little advice could be to activate the render passes (diffuse, refl, refr) and see how much each of them influences the beauty and tweak the parameters.
  7. fem flip interaction

    The fem sphere isn't changing the box's shape because it's a collider, you should be able to make them work as a pair (maybe with a multisolver) and just with a groundplane as a collider. Still the most simple thing to do is to resimulate the water using the feedback scale in the flip solver.
  8. Retime cached flip mesh

    Thanks i will try to test it as soon as i can.
  9. Retime cached flip mesh

    In the end i had to resimulate the flip fluid without the reseed, unpack the compressed cache and then apply the timeblend/timewarp combo. I'm curios about your method, i should still have the old cache of the meshed flip fluid (with the velocity attribute) to test it out. I have to use a point vop right?
  10. fem flip interaction

    You want to achieve something like this? 01.hip
  11. fem flip interaction

    From the shelf select "deforming collider" and apply it on the meshed water.
  12. Download flip v3 at the end of the first page.
  13. Never tried that, still in your material shader you should be able to import the V attribute and use it to grade the water color. Otherwise to have more control, just create a V pass and use it as a mask in a grade. To do it dive into your shader and set the creation of a custom render pass.
  14. Hi guys! I need to slowdown a flip fluid mesh, to see if i can avoid to redo the flip simulation. I tried with a simple timewarp (from 1-500 to 1-700) but it cause a jittering in the fast moving parts. So i tried to retime my compressed particle cache using a blend node and a custom node called timedrive (from orbolt), but both fail. I guess because i have the reseeding option enabled which change the point ID. Someone has some suggestions on how slowing down a flip fluid without having to resimulate everything?
  15. Ship shot

    Thanks for the feedbacks! Vitor, yeah you are right the ship is too still. Following similiar suggestions i choosed to implement a roll using a sin expression on the rotation of the ship. Atom, didn't think about a movement on the Y axis i'm going to add it. You are also right about the crew, i will see what i can find.