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  1. wxPython in Houdini 9.5 OSX

    Thanks. FYI - The question comes up because the 3d buzz houdini python tutorial is using wxPython.
  2. wxPython in Houdini 9.5 OSX

    This link doesn't work for me.
  3. wxPython in Houdini 9.5 OSX

    Sam, I'm having the same problem - were you able to solve this? Thanks, Greg
  4. Matchmove software again

    I second Syntheyes - it's a great program. Very fast and reliable. Also supports exporting to lots of other software. It has a very good camera stabilization tool.
  5. Leopard rig

    After opening the OTL in Houdini Mac 9.5.138 I immediately file>export>filmboxFBX with default settings. I'm trying to open the FBX in MotionBuilder 7.2 r2 with the FBX2009 format and it won't open. I've also tried opening it with Maya and it won't open. Exporting simple scenes and opening them in Motionbuilder is working. Suggestions?
  6. I'm trying to determine the most efficient method of working with character motion capture data in Houdini. We use Motion Builder for our all of our motion capture, retargeting and cleaning. Then we export FBX and bring an animated skeleton into Houdini. Now I need to make the Motion builder rig drive a character mesh in Houdini. It seems like I should explore the following possible paths: Using the Houdini Auto Rig, create a bound rig. Then export houdini's skeleton rig to motion builder, retarget the motion and bring the rig back to Houdini. However, it doesn't seem like there's a straight forward way to export a rig. Maybe I should not use auto rig? but should use the motion builder rig and map skin weights in houdini? I can also use another program (maya or poser) to skin the rig and then bring it to Houdini? Any suggestions and comments are appreciated. Thanks, Greg
  7. Hurricane

  8. Retargeting mocap

    I'm curious about this too. How did your "crude" method work out?
  9. I'm working with motion capture data and would like to find a way to import the marker data into Houdini. The system I'm working with (PhaseSpace) can natively save the marker's XZY info as C3d - or I can bring the Marker data into Motion Builder. In Motion Builder marker data drives an "actor" which then drives a character. Bake the animation onto the charactor's skeleton and import into maya. Any thought on bringing this animated skeleton into Houdini? and, any ideas on how to import the xyz marker data (not an animated skeleton) to Houdini? Thanks, Greg
  10. Blender's fluid simulation is the Lattice Boltzmann Method (LBM) mediawiki.blender.org
  11. Nyc Houdini Tutor Wanted

    Thanks Rick, I might be heading to Texas. -Greg
  12. Nyc Houdini Tutor Wanted

    Thanks Val, yeah, I'm also considering Garman Herigstad's school, as I really appreciated his training DVD, but I'm hoping there's someone around my neighborhood. -Greg
  13. I live in NYC (upper west side), have a studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn and am learning Houdini - and I need a tutor. I was looking forward to the SVA (School of Visual Arts) Houdini class this summer as an opportunity to learn Houdini - but it was cancelled due to low enrollment (turns out it was just me and two other people). So, I've been working through the tutorials, etc, but would really like to find/hire an experienced tutor in the area. Anyone? Thanks, Greg by experience I mean specifically experienced with Houdini (It's Ok if you don't have teaching experience). Thanks, Greg
  14. Spacepilot

    Thanks Jason, that's what I thought, but figured it was worth a shout just in case. -Greg
  15. Spacepilot

    I've been using the 3dConnexion Space Pilot in Maya - and it's great - it's my favorite part of Maya. I miss it in Houdini - I'm pretty sure it's not supported - anyone know otherwise?