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  1. Centroid - SOP

    after some time I've committed some changes into the repository, --> changes for the H12.* GA modules --> inheriting of attributes from the primitives onto the centroids --> inheriting group names onto the centroids http://gitorious.org/centroid-sop/centroid-sop Seb
  2. 2 simple hdk questions

    Hey, about your second question, i guess the best thing if you at first try to build your menu, static, so you understand how a menu is generated e.g. static PRM_Name frameRateMenuNames[] = { PRM_Name("kHours","Hours"), PRM_Name("kMinutes","Minutes"), PRM_Name("kSeconds","Seconds"), PRM_Name(0) }; if you got that, you can continue having a callback script that generates the menu for you. e.g. whenever your node cooks, you store a list of attributes (AttributeDict) as member of your node, than you should be able to do something like this SOP_mySop::buildPointAttrMenu(void *data, PRM_Name *theMenu, int theMaxSize, const PRM_SpareData *, PRM_Parm *) { SOP_mySop *sop = (SOP_mySop *)data; UT_StringArray attribs = sop->getMyStoredAttribList(); for (i = 0; i < attribs.entries() && i < theMaxSize; i++) { theMenu[i].setToken( attribs(i).buffer() ); theMenu[i].setLabel( attribs(i).buffer() ); } theMenu[i].setToken(0); theMenu[i].setLabel(0); } Cheers Seb
  3. Centroid - SOP

    Hi efx, that warning is okay, what it complains about is a macro that i'm using to check the timing of these operations, these macros get en/disabled by a #define DEBUG statment in the .h header file In the next version, (that i'm hopefully finishing soon) i'll try to get rid of that warning. Infernal
  4. looking into renderhooks

  5. Centroid - SOP

    the fixes are now online @ gitorious http://gitorious.org/centroid-sop
  6. Centroid - SOP

    Hi Graham, if threading is enabled/disabled gets controled by the THREADED_METHOD1(...) makro which is used in the header, getThreading() is used there to control if threading is enabled or not Infernal
  7. Centroid - SOP

    Hi Graham, thx! hehe, yep thats what I found out ... it seems that I removed these two bits when i did the cleanup of debug - stuff .. hmpf. i'll put the fix on gitorious tonight! Infernal
  8. Centroid - SOP

    @pagefan: your problem is the same that graham mentioned, no matter what technique (barycenter/bbox/points) you choose it always uses the bbox. ... weird i'll see that i fix that! Infernal [edit] ... found the error, ... something that got lost when doing the cleanup , ... i'll do some last tests and put it on gitorious tonight
  9. Centroid - SOP

    Hi Ilay, from your attached image i dont understand what you want to do , ... can you explain a bit more, or attach a file ? What this tool does is: generating a single point for either each primitive, point- or prim-group. thats it i've attached the file that i used for the performance test, if you enable point display you could see the generated points. Infernal performanceTest.hip
  10. Centroid - SOP

    over the time a came across an issue a couple of times: generating centroids for primitives, prim- and point-groups. doing that with the for-each-sop may take ages so I set myself a little project, writing a sop that does that for me . This is the result, a Centroid-SOP, it supports generation of centroids from primitives, prim-groups and point-groups. it uses multithreading and is, compared to an for-each sop solution, quite fast On a - Linux Fedora - Houdini 10.0.707 - 100x100 cubes - 8 x 2.83GHz (Xeon) 8GB RAM | Just Prims | Prim Groups | Point Groups | 60k Prims | 10k Groups | 10k Groups ------------------------------------------------------------- For-Each | > 9.00 min ©| > 7.00 min ©| > 69 min (canceled) Centroid-SOP | 128.12 ms | 25.05 s | 33.60 s Centroid-SOP (MT) | 106.75 ms | 9.62 s | 12.87 s I thought I share the result, you can get the code from gitorious http://gitorious.org/centroid-sop some things are left todo: - some windows testing is required,so far i've tested it on mac & linux - H11 tests, so far i've only tested it propperly on H10 - maybe some primitive-attribute transfer-stuff to the generated centroids, i'm not sure yet what might be usefull please leave suggestions & comments! Infernal!
  11. Hi Guys, i'm playing arround with the code, added some smaller things (Substes @ Solver & using Timestep from the Dopnet) and try to understand whats going on. I found out that Geometry that is not placed in origin (due to the way it is imported) it freaks out a bit, i guess it is related to the center/origin of the object, since it just uses the position from the Data-Field. Is there a thing apart from the Default Motion state that should be used for this kind of stuff ? Any Objections to split the code up into different CPP/H files just for the sake of confusion . How can i upload any progress to the Odforce SourceForge ? thx! Seb
  12. guidance regarding Colleges for my Majors

    hey, here's an other school you might have a look at. Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg, with the Institute of Animation, Visual Effects & Digital Post Production the TD Course is a post-graduate so you'll need a bachelor, its project based with a couple of workshops with industry professionals. They have about 10 Houdini Licenses and arround 3-5 TD students each year and a lot of nice projects! http://animationsinstitut.de/ cheers Seb
  13. circular flow to simulation

    there is a vortex force in DOPs but you can also build your own -force-type-thingy have a look at the fieldforce-dop, basicaly create your "vortex-geometry" (in Sops) and create vectors which are the "force-vectors" (and name them "force") in Dops use the sop-geometry node to import the geometry and use the forcefield-dop Seb

    Hi, what you can do, (havent had time to look at your scene) convert your curves into curves, extrude your glas to give it some thickness For each of your lines (not circles): 1) Extrude once -> to get a surface 2) Extrude once again to get some kind of "box"-thingy, this should be bigger than your piece of glas, you can then use to use the cookie-sop to do a boolean with the glas For each of your circles: 1) extrude once 2) use divide-sop with the remove-shared-edges so you get the caps 3) merge results of step 1 & 2 and do a fuse-sop 4) use for with cookie sop for boolean magic you have to do some huge itteration thing going there to get the individual pieces which should work with a foreach sop or some kind of feedback -loop (old-style with files & such). cheers Seb
  15. The Plan

    I'm in as well. i've used the code from the other thread, compiled with the latest bullet on a mac and it is working. Is there a more current version i can mess arround with it ? i havent found something on the SourceForge Page. cheers Infernal