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  1. Polybevel, how to round to an actual circle arc ?

    This is the link of HDA I made in the past, how about this? https://www.orbolt.com/asset/ynkr::polylinebevel
  2. Mestela's method was simple and clever. https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/62486/#post-277704
  3. If Mass attribute is 0, point will be pinned. So you can do this by controlling Mass attribute. Pin to Target sy.hipnc
  4. Copy and Transforming in COPs

    Random placement using Cellular noise. cop_random_tiling_v2.hipnc
  5. Copy and Transforming in COPs

    It is way to do with Vop cop. cop_tiling.hipnc
  6. If it is a curve extracted from the surface, you can determine the direction with the inner product of the original N and the new N. I am sorry if it is a misunderstanding. perpenticular_tangent_polycut_sy.hipnc
  7. It is another way. However, this method does not work unless it has a structure that can be converted to a mesh. perpenticular_tangent_sy_2.hipnc
  8. constraint orient problem

    Like this? rot_constraint.hipnc
  9. If you connect Transform SOP to Prev_Frame, It scales Linearly. linear_scale.hipnc
  10. @martinkindl83 Thank you Martin for verifying this! It is a problem that arises when I use a newly added cut-point as an inner point. The problem was avoided by checking the inner line again. DissolveInside_sy_fixnestedline.hipnc @toadstorm I also like your way.
  11. Intersection Analysis Sop can get good results when used with Intersection Stitch Sop. DissolveInside_sy.hipnc
  12. lightning growth

    Your geometry is not connected, First I tried connecting each pieces. Next, slim the trunk and find the distance from start point. And cut geometry using that distance attribute. lightning_Grow_sy.hipnc
  13. Wall generation from wireframes

    I challenged wall generation. maze_sy.hiplc
  14. Distance on Mesh

    It is now possible to get surface distance from the softselection with the new function of H16.5! geodesic_distance_softsel.hiplc
  15. I tried sorting with VEX. sy_sort_points_along_edge_group.hiplc