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  1. Dear all We posted both English and Chinese version of this news in this website, just for different language preference of audience. Feel free to submit your resume and demo reels to below email address: topanimator@odw.com.cn
  2. 东方梦工厂“顶尖动画师”(Top Animator)选拔于2016年10月9日正式启动。我们邀请您的加入! 我们希望通过此次活动选出中国最具潜力和实力的动画师,加入东方梦工厂,为立志成为并肩好莱坞水准顶尖动画师的中国动画人才提供最专业的人才培养计划。这也是东方梦工厂自组建成立以来,首次在国内招聘动画师。 由即日起至11月8日,东方梦工厂将开放收集简历和作品,被筛选出的动画师将进入到之后为期9日的给定素材创作测试环节,并最终受邀前往位于上海的东方梦工厂工作室参加开放日活动,与东方梦工厂和美国梦工场的传奇动画师见面并沟通作品反馈。测试作品的最终优胜者们将获得面试安排,有机会加入东方梦工厂动画团队。最终结果将于今年12月宣布。 东方梦工厂,作为立足于中国,唯一拥有好莱坞制作流程和技术的动画制作工作室,汲取好莱坞先进的电影技术和资源、顶尖的故事创作实力、以及对中国消费者的深刻洞察,为中国及全球的消费者呈现世界一流并具有中国特色和文化的影视内容。 11月8日前,请将您的简历及作品发送至招聘邮箱:topanimator@odw.com.cn 更多详情可关注东方梦工厂招聘微信账号 : odwrecruiting (东方梦工厂招聘) 或到我们官网: http://www.oriental-dreamworks.com/zh/top-animator.com
  3. Oriental DreamWork’s ‘Next Top Animator’ campaign has officially launched on Oct 9 2016 and we will like to invite you to be part of it! Through this campaign, we hope to attract talented animators with the most potential in China to join us and become Hollywood-level animators in China. This is the first time Oriental DreamWorks is recruiting animators within China since it was incorporated. Beginning from Oct 9 until November 8 2016, Oriental DreamWorks will be collecting the CVs and demoreels of interested animators. Shortlisted animators will then participate in a 10-day Animation Challenge held in November and be invited to Oriental DreamWork’s office in Shanghai to personally meet with guest and star Animators from Oriental DreamWorks and DreamWorks Animation for critiques and other animation related activities. Animators who are further shortlisted will be interviewed and have a chance to be a part of the Oriental DreamWorks Animation team! Results will be announced in December 2016. Oriental DreamWorks, is the only Hollywood-level animation studio based in China and draws on Hollywood's leading-edge film technology and resources, world-class creative talent and the insight into the Chinese market, delivering world-class content that shows Chinese influences and culture within film and television content to China and audiences around the world. The animation department of Oriental DreamWorks is experienced and continues to evolve. With the leadership of top-level animators, professional talent development programs, first-rate international projects, outstanding collaborative teams and strong technical support, we hope to find aspiring animators to join us to become the top animators of the Chinese animation industry! To join the Challenge, please submit your CV and demoreel before 8 November 2016 to : topanimator@odw.com.cn For more information, please follow Oriental DreamWorks Recruiting Wechat account : odwrecruiting or visit our website : http://www.oriental-dreamworks.com/en/top-animator.com
  4. Oriental DreamWorks is looking for CFX Artist, the job description is as follows: Job Description: The Character FX Artist is responsible to design and create character effects such as cloth, hair and fur simulations. They will also be responsible to develop tools used in Character FX to help enhance the pipeline. Duties and Responsibilities: · Develops generalized tools, used in Character FX, to help enhance the pipeline. · Creates cloth simulation, animation and finaling animation for shot work in production. · Creatively solve problems and achieve art direction for a shot. · Troubleshoot and solve problems independently. · Demonstrate artistic vision and appropriately expand upon the art direction given. · Technical Animation for shots in production · Deformations, procedural modeling and animation Qualifications · 3+ years of experience including production experience in feature film or tv animation · Strong knowledge of Maya, Houdini, C++ and Python · Dynamic simulation background preferred. · Good problem-solving abilities. · Strong communication skills. · Ability to handle and resolve recurring problems. · Ability to establish priorities, work independently or within a group, and proceed with objectives without supervision. How to Apply: Please apply on our career page at www.oriental-dreamworks.com for the job you are interested in.
  5. Are you a recent graduate looking to start your career in Animation? Are you graduated from Computer Science related major with interests in art and animation? Would you like to work with some of the top talents in the animation industry? Check out this exciting apprenticeship opportunity with Oriental DreamWorks in Shanghai! Oriental DreamWorks will start the FX R&D Apprenticeship Program in August this year and there will be several more apprenticeship opportunities in other departments in 2015! The Oriental DreamWorks apprenticeship program is an incredible opportunity to learn from the best and to gain valuable production experience. We are looking for the most motivated individuals to complement our team. The FX R&D apprenticeship is a paid program and will last for 2 months which may lead to full time employment. What you can learn from the FX R&D Apprentice Program? · Learn to create visual effects using particles, rigid body simulations, fluids and smoke. Develop/Enhance your skills at animation, modeling, and simulation design Collaborate with animators, character riggers, and department supervisors Write utility scripts and programs to streamline the setup process Use Maya/Houdini tools and ODW Advanced Technology to develop FX tools How to work in a production environment for a feature film What you could get after the FX R&D Apprentice Program? You will receive a certificate which shows you participated in Oriental DreamWorks Apprenticeship program. If you’re successful in the final evaluation after the apprenticeship period, you may be offered a full time employment at Oriental DreamWorks! The FX R&D Apprentice is responsible to design and create visual effects such as smoke, destruction and fluid simulations. They will also be responsible to develop tools used in FX to help enhance the pipeline. If this sounds like your field of dreams, read further for the kinds of proficiencies we are looking for: Technical Skills: Knowledge in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Animation or related field with programming or scripting skills Basic working knowledge of Maya, Houdini or another 3D package with dynamic simulation capabilities. (particle, cloth, fluid and volumetric simulation) Basic understanding of natural and physical based movements or physics Aesthetics — Visual Judgment and Design: Good visual sense of motion, design, and physics Fine arts background with life drawings, sculpting skills are plus Other Requirements: Graduated in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Animation or related major Strong communication and presentation skills Related working experience is a plus PRC or Authorized to work in China Application Deadlines: The application deadline is 31st July Target start date will be 24th August 2015 and end date will be 13th November 2015(Subject to change) How to apply: Please submit your resume and demo reels (e.g. student work, personal work or project work) online at careers.oriental-dreamworks.com. When you visit the career page, Please ensure you click on “Apprenticeship” and not any other job postings to ensure we received your application correctly. Please note, due to a high volume of applications, we cannot respond to every applicant.