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  1. vdb velocity trail

    Hey Thanks for pointing this out. Is this possible with vdb? If I create a vdb form ID attribute it is somehow not a level set grid... Maybe better to use trail sop in the Particle sim directly?
  2. vdb velocity trail

    Dear Houdini Artists Coming from Softimage I quite immersed in to Houdini for a project about creating clouds. So far I setup a POP simulation. Then I use the "vdb from particles" node to create fog vdb's and later pipe it trough cloud noise. Now I am struggling with flickering when using velocity trail as particle footprint. I also see the problem: The trail particles are following the rotation from the lead particle, thus resulting in a erratic behavior. The thing is it would look awesome if I could get the velocity trails to work. Am I missing something here? Any hints? Thanks Crick