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  1. ok , I'll built that way then to make it work.. I was having this random external py so I could edit an external py file from VS, but to have it on an hda is a fair solution, I´ll try that.
  2. Hi , I'm having this problem that when I do a rop chain to write a bunch of filecaches , some doesnt get updated and fail the rest of the caches , so I was looking how to force this realoading with python by hitting the reload button via and external python file(so I can do other stuff on postprocess beside updating) and @Adam Ferestad gave me this solution, but I can't getting working. it's a postprocess command on the node I want to reaload that calls a python node wich then calls an external python function to reload... also I would like to print something to the houdini or python houdini console so I can know that the script run but I can't... what I'm doing wrong here? ... also it might be a simpler quick solution for this realoading problem, I'm happy to hear any because I really need this to iterate quickly. I attached a test setup reload.zip
  3. I'm exporting a pointcloud of instances to test if everything holds up on others houdini versions or apps so I can be shure if I'm on production and need to share sequences with coworkers they work correctly... so I test bgeos and Alembics.. and I found a problem with rotations misalignment for wich I can't find a solution.. I test with a copy node if my output is correct and it is.. but when I do the same on hou 17 they are not I use orient attribute.. maybe I should convert orient to N and Up via Vex..but I guess the result will be the same.. Is there a robust and universal way of exporting the point rotations to make shure they will be correctly interpreted by any other app?? I attach the scene in a zip, is made with some MOPs because is my main case focus.. I don't think the problem is there, but I leave them anyways... test.zip
  4. Apparently I didn't test it enough, I just set a few node and a simple rop... but when I try a fetch chain with batch between them it didn't work.... also How can I print something to console form the reload.py file so I can debug if the script is running properly..?? I attach all files in a zip .. remember too the reset the $JOB path.. reloadtest.zip
  5. Sorry for the very delayed answer, too much work this days... I checked the vop version and it was worked perfectly, I did split the rot value touse the Y axis only, If you can check if it's the correct way of doing it would be awesome( in case there is a better/easier way..), but it worked at least.. but about the vex example I try to make it work but I could, also I try to find docs on the updatedescendanttransforms() function to understand it better but I couldn't.. also didn't get where in the code I target the point wich I'm going to transfer the rotation and also how I can target just one dimension of the rotation to it( as I did in the vop)... I attach the houdini file .. TRigTestOdF_v22.hiplc
  6. Thanks Adam!, I'll try this .... edit:I try it and it's working like a charm as you say. .. thanks a lot for it :D!, you save me a lot of time!
  7. Hi, I try to run a python script on the Post render script on a File Cache node to make shure the node data gets updated when passing to the text node( I'm having this problem when doing a chain of fetchs in a rop ) .. I add this on the script box ... execfile("$JOB/scripts/reload.py") ... and check Python lenguaje , and the script has this : import hou hou.parm("reload").pressButton() iis not working, what I'm doing wrong?
  8. thanks a lot!, andthank to Mateo too!, I'll check on those and tell you How it went
  9. Hi , I'm doing this arm Rig, I need to transfer the wrist rotation around it's axis to the rotation of two other bones that are parent to the forearm(white Line), I'm trying to do this in the rig VOP I need to get the ROT 0 Value(The rotation perpendicular to the axis form the wrist to the forearm), I try to much time to find the right nodes, some ideda to hunt for this value would be awesome. with that Value I'll by able to do the rest with the get and set points. if there is other Vex or Sop KINEFX way of doing.. anything that can get me going on this problem , thanks!..
  10. Hi, Let's say I have an Fbx imported animation , this animation has the capture pose and also the animation itself, But the animation doesn't have any T pose in it, so I can't do a proper use of the Rigmatch node, since I need to connect the animation to it as is supposed to. wich route should I take in this case to retarget?? is there something that can be done since I already have the T pose , I imagine placing it into a frame in the animation(How?) or there is another better solution?. ...I keep looking and found the solution at the docs : https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/character/kinefx/retargeting.html
  11. *Problem fixed, I create a blank file with the solver and it was working, so that give me the hint that was something in the old file I built, so I digg into the asset manager config and change some setting there so the vop nodes would update correctly from their latests definitions , and all worked again. Hi, I use the IK VOP solver to build controls for a skeleton finger, it was working OK on houdini v18.5, but when I pass to 19 is not, It doesn do anything , I'v been looking where is the problem but I can't seem debug it. I attached the file, the Vops solver is inside the marked red node. I updated this post pointing the nodes I'm having problem with with an image attached. ikSolver_V522.hip
  12. Hi, I wanted to know how to animate the scaling on a RBD emitter , I check the examples on https://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=HoudiniDops , I look at this two examples files ,how to emit rbd(https://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=File:Emit_packed_rbd.hip ) and how to scale a non emitted rbd (https://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=File:Rbd_deintersect_via_scaleup.hip ) but I don't know how to mix both. Any tip?
  13. Hi, I have been getting problems with the autorig window, modules disappear ( advanced face rig , quadruped ..on 18.5) or options are missing(tongue options of advanced face rig..17.5).. anyway, I manage to build a Biped rig with the advanced face module on 17.5, I've a JSON file almost ready to load and hit generate rig (attached), but since the options for the tongue on the advanced face rig menu are hidden , I have this entry missing on the line 1352 "tongue": {}, I guess this is the field I need to fill so the tongue module can pick a specific geometry for the tongue.. Can someone with a full autorigg json file post it to paste the correct data ?, that would fix my problem to generate the rig I hope. Bye! Char_1_Salvador_175_V44.json
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