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  1. Harebrained Schemes is looking for an experienced and versatile tech artist to spearhead the development of our procedural environment tools. You’ll collaborate with the Art Director and HBS team to establish and then advocate for procedurally based environment workflows. If you are a thoughtful collaborator, with a deep understanding of - and appreciation for - proceduralism and how it can enhance the game play experiences, we’d love to talk with you. This is an on-site, full-time individual contributor role. (Please note that we are currently working from home due to Covid-19. We will return to the office in stages when it is safe to do so. In the meantime, all interviews will be done virtually.) https://hbsstudios.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=62
  2. PDG - ERROR: Cannot find node ...

    I was having the same problem when I buried a tops manager in a hda node I was creating. The error showed up for me when I copied my node and tried to run the copy. Then (30 mins of debug later) I realized while I was creating and testing the task graph, TOPs was previously prompting me to save before running and once it was in the hda I made it wasn't giving me that prompt. Not only was it unable to fetch the rop, it wasn't getting parameter changes either. Once I save the file the error goes away and all parameters are updated. I could be wrong but TOPs seems to be running a new session of houdini for tasks and its using the current saved file. Makes sense, but isn't obvious while working. There is a general problem with TOPs that it doesn't offer much feedback if it's in an hda. It's own feedback is awesome to watch in the task graph, but there is nothing being sent to a progress bar or the status bar at the bottom, so when it's buried in an hda there is just silence... well my computer's fan starts up... so I know it's working... but otherwise no gui feedback. Hope that helps, I was pulling my hair out, -bk
  3. Import Hou error

    Hey Kris, Assuming the "it" in your question is getting your ide running houdini's python - I had it running on a mac for several years before i unfortunately had to migrate to windows. It was actually much simpler on the mac side. If i remember right, I just pointed my python ide project's python executable to be the "hython" in the bin folder of the houdini install and it got the correct libs automatically. Unfortunately I don't have a mac these days to test if that is still the case. -bk
  4. Import Hou error

    Hey Stascrash, Glad it worked out for you! I am versioned up to Houdini 16.5 as well and it works in there. As for your pycharm question, there isn't something doing that I can find, but its pretty easy to setup with ports if you are comfortable with python. When you do an "import hou" you are actually creating a running instance of houdini, but no interface. I don't know if there is a way to show it. But if you want two active programs (IDE and Houdini) to talk to each other, ports are the way to go. I have done it in the past with Maya and Max. I looked at Mayacharm, and that is what it appears to be doing too. Here is a tutorial of the basic idea: https://pythontips.com/2013/08/06/python-socket-network-programming/ A couple of tips I remember off the top of my head are that using the port to trigger the app to just execute a python file is easier and safer than trying to send the python code through the port. And server and/or client has to continue running depending on how you set it up. I seem to remember that houdini (and I think maya too) will often close the python thread once it executes whatever code it does. There is a way around by running a background thread (which also prevents the program from hanging waiting for input from the socket) that is buried in the docs somewhere, but I don't remember where off hand. Good luck! -bk
  5. Import Hou error

    Hey guys, I know this is a stale thread, but just in case anybody stumbles on this thread trying to get it working... I wanted to say I have an external IDE (WingIDE) able to run with the python install that comes with houdini and I can import hou. I have used an external IDE with hython on a mac for a few years (since circa 2009 I think) and it worked pretty well. On the mac side, if my memory serves me, it didn't take much more than pointing my ide at hython in the $HFS/bin directory and setting the python path to include the $HFS/houdini/python2.7libs folder. I recently switched all my setup over to windows. On the windows side I encountered the same error that people have been reporting (error trying to "import _hou"), but after some tinkering today and I have it mostly working all though it throws some warnings about 4 bindings it couldn't do.... but those warnings don't seem to be affecting any of the scripts I tried. I thought I would share just in case someone is trying to figure it all out like I just was. I am now on Windows 10, with Houdini 15.5 and python 2.7. This old help doc was helpful: http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini13.0/hom/commandline#idm47503603268592 Here is what I did: In windows environment User variables in under the windows Control Panel/System/Advanced Settings/Environment Variables (just look up "Setting Windows Environment Variables" to get step by step: Create and/or Set "HFS" correctly (to houdini version folder in Program Files) Add "%HFS%/bin;" to Path (this is what the old houdini doc mentioned about windows and was the missing piece for me) Point in your IDE to: python executable - c:\Program Files\Side Effects Software\Houdini 15.5.673\python27\python2.7.exe add to python path - c:\Program Files\Side Effects Software\Houdini 15.5.673\houdini\python2.7libs Bonus to make a cmd shell work too, in windows environment User variables: Add %HFS%/python27 to Path Add PYTHONPATH with %HFS%\houdini\python2.7libs I provided an image of the final version of my environment variables and a shot of code running in WingIDE and the resulting file open in houdini. Hope this helps someone! -bk