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  1. Hello! I try to render an ocean with foam. I've got weird results always whenever I put down manualy the oceanfoam sop and link it the cached particles to the oceanSurface shader's oceanfoam particles path. What you can see in the picture that I linked is that first I clicked on the “Small Ocean” from the shelf tool, that puts down automaticly the ocean foam SOP and also creates the link on the oceansurface shader. That renders with no problem. After that I moved the camera, recached the oceanfoam (from the camera) I disabled the link and point on the path of the particles manually, and after that the render is destroyed. It creates these spike artifacts. I made this workflow only for demonstration purpose, to show that whenever the link for the oceanfoam path is made manualy I got this weird render result. Does anyone have any idea what Im missing??? Thank you.
  2. If you are rendering only fire, delete density.
  3. Fireballs - Flame trails

    Hi! Well, I would try to create a particle trail with some noise and use that as source for the fire. Or another way could be to put your geo to the origo, transfer the velocities from the animated (moving) geo to the still one(may be scale down a bit), and create the effect there, then give the transformations to the fire effect to snap to the moving object.