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  1. Farmland Generation

    Hey Alzaris, Maybe that could help you http://lippykid.com/blog/ he explains quite nice how it ended up doing something similar. Maybe it could inspire you. Cheers
  2. Problem breaking object with forces

    Hey Lukas ! I think the applied houdini lessons Rigid destruction should get you on the right way to explode your building. Or this dude explain very well how break constraint using metaball force HERE
  3. Looking good ! I could feel the wind, Bravo ! Do you plan to sim the trunk ? Because with this wind this type of tree tend to bend. You could do it without simulating tho. The shading/ lookdev is neat and please my eyes
  4. Recreate Thinking particles setup with wire solver

    Hey, You could take a look at the Yohann's RnD concerning softbodies. He put an example file of the balloon setup. That could be a good starting point http://forums.odforce.net/topic/30434-wip-oks-softbodies-rnd-hip-files/?do=findComment&comment=175686 Cheeer
  5. fluid driving rbd/bullet?

    Hey squardis, This topic may help you http://forums.odforce.net/topic/21991-flip-with-bullet-interaction/ I did something similar and I didnt remenber using the multisolver. Usually the feedback scale should do the trick.
  6. pyro from moving Object

    Hi sorry for the delay i was really busy. However i still not figure out how to track fast object in my case. I've set another simple scene file up and this time i've included the object reference. Basically the plane is falling and one of the wings emit fire. I've created a box and parented it to get the motion of the plane Thanks TestFile.zip
  7. pyro from moving Object

    Hi everyone ! Im learning Houdini and i try to achieve a smoke sim too. And i had the same problem as Swapniel16 i tried all the different method and the container keep losing the object. I don't know what to do.... i tried to increase the padding it doesn't help. May anyone explain to me what did i do wrong ! Here my scene filesceneSetup.zip