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  1. Happy 10th Birthday Od[force]

    Happy Birthday!! Why wasn't I here 10 years ago
  2. Holomatix

    http://www.holomatix.com/products/rendition/about/ Houdini version incoming?: http://www.holomatix.com/products/renditio...rted_platforms/
  3. Happy birthday...

    thanks!! :dj:
  4. Katamari Challange

    I think it is good time to show hip file: katamari_challenge_final.hip katamari_challenge_color_final.hip Enjoy !!
  5. Flowersos Difussos

    Thanks!!! In free time I rendered some pic: Jason Desktop now is a little cleanly:)
  6. L-system Botany

    Hi, I wanted to show you easy solution which give you possibility to cache occ sss etc. This solution has very obvious defect: You can't move object,camera etc.
  7. Flowersos Difussos

    Thanks! No problemos:) cheers!!
  8. L-system Botany

    hey! Those are mantra curves. check this file(occ project on camera NDC): occ_ndc.hip cheers Ptkaun
  9. Flowersos Difussos

    Thanks you for comments!!! I will show you some examples.I have no possibility to show you difference in one picture. many small objects with different directions(No PC): To reduce noise I mixed diffuse and PCdiffuse: 80% PCdiffuse and 20% diffuse: Pc method gave me blur in 3d space. Easy thing but good effect. cheers!!
  10. Flowersos Difussos

    Hi all! I would like to show my recent work. I try to find a good solution for shading and lighting plants. In this picture the most interesting thing is spread diffuse inside plants (point cloud method) Thanks OdForce for working gallery:) cheers!! Ptakun
  11. L-system Botany

    Hey mmontoya, You can create composition include sss picture and project it on object from camera NDC. Ptakun
  12. My Reel

    Good Work MIguel !! Very impressive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Katamari Challange

    Hey GallenWolf, No, no. Previous picture showed first stage (no colors). I don't use "script solver" in both versions. No color version included: -standard Dop network where sphere collide with boxes -one additional data and 4 expressions for boxes to Color version I added: -one data and 2 expressions to sphere -sop solver -sop network(point node) Ptakun
  14. Katamari Challange

    Smason, You made your project too much complicated. Check my network. Maybe it will help you. GallenWolf- Congrats!! Good work Ptakun
  15. Side Effects Hits 20 Years Today!

    Happy Birthday SideFx!! Thanks for excellent software!!