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  1. Bayer Dithering

    @Alain2131 Thank you for your detailed reply, extremely grateful for how you broke everything down! You should become a teacher
  2. Bayer Dithering

    I've tried to convert this to vex but stuck on the #define functions https://www.shadertoy.com/view/7sfXDn I'm not sure vex is capable of looping through the functions like this? float myscale = 0.4; float Bayer2(vector2 a) { a = floor(a); return frac(a.x / 2.0 + a.y * a.y * .75); } #define Bayer4(a) (Bayer2 (.5 *(a)) * .25 + Bayer2(a)) #define Bayer8(a) (Bayer4 (.5 *(a)) * .25 + Bayer2(a)) #define Bayer16(a) (Bayer8 (.5 *(a)) * .25 + Bayer2(a)) #define Bayer32(a) (Bayer16(.5 *(a)) * .25 + Bayer2(a)) #define Bayer64(a) (Bayer32(.5 *(a)) * .25 + Bayer2(a)) float dithering = (Bayer8(@uv * 0.25) * 2.0 - 1.0) * 0.5; vector2 uv = set(@P.x, @P.z) / myscale; @uv.x += dithering; @Cd = @uv.x;
  3. Bayer Dithering

    Vex or VOP would be great to learn from
  4. Bayer Dithering

    Something like this
  5. Bayer Dithering

    Is something this possible in Houdini using a gradient ramp on a grid? 3C1CAE32-2A7D-411E-BB6C-0BDD58CCCAFF.webp
  6. Rectangle with even squares

    Thank you @konstantin magnus and @dleonhardt Both your methods work great!
  7. Rectangle with even squares

    Thanks, @konstantin magnus I had tried something like that but couldn't get the Rows and Columns to be more square (not stretched)
  8. Given a rectangular polygon of any size and width, is there a way to work out the number of Rows and Columns to cut it up into near-perfect squares as possible? The second image is manually guessing Rows and Columns to achieve as close to square as possible.
  9. Evenly-spaced streamlines

    I came across this paper while searching for a way to keep flowfields evenly spaced out. I can't work out what the actual formula is though? I understand they need to be kept at a set distance apart from one another but how do I implement that? Has anyone done something similar or fancy the challenge?
  10. Thanks for the tips! These are actually really useful. Where I’m running into a problem now is that I think I’m understanding the algorithm behind Mitchell’s Best-Candidate. I thought I was looking for the furthest point between two sets of points, once I find that point in group B, I remove the rest and repeat the process. Somehow I don’t thinks that’s actually the right approach and instead it’s to do with radius? If you’re interested, this is what I’m trying to replicate: https://bl.ocks.org/mbostock/1893974
  11. With 5 scattered points in group A, and 5 scattered points in group B, what is the furthest point in group B from group A, not as an average, but the individually furthest point? Sounded like an easy problem but I'm spinning wheels here. I would really appreciate some help/teachings.
  12. Assign stitch point constraints in DOPS (animate-able)

    If anyone has some advice/tips I'd really appreciate it!
  13. Hi, I'm trying to wrap my head around why this simple set up isn't working as desired. Inside of an SOP solver, I look for the first and last points on a curve and assign them to groups. I then try and assign these groups in the Stitch constraints on a multi-solver but they aren't taking effect. Can someone point me in the right direction? I know this is simple in SOPS level but I'd like to expand upon this in DOPs and make the Stitch points animate-able. Thank you constraint_simple_01.hiplc
  14. Recreate arc curve from two circles

    Thanks for the link and tutorial You go through how to build my current set with vex which is great, I still need to recreate that red outlined shape though, and ideas with that and your vex route? Thanks for the ideas @MENOZ that's sort of the way I've been approaching this problem so far, but haven't been successful in finding a viable solution yet.
  15. Recreate arc curve from two circles

    Hey, I would ideally like to have this all happen in Vex rather than the set I have made here. This would allow it to be more scalable, but perhaps I can save that for my next problem. Right now I am wondering how I go about recreating the curve I have outlined in pink on the image? Any ideas would be a big help as I'm really stuck. Thanks Metaball Arc_Circles_A_01.hip