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  1. Assign stitch point constraints in DOPS (animate-able)

    If anyone has some advice/tips I'd really appreciate it!
  2. Hi, I'm trying to wrap my head around why this simple set up isn't working as desired. Inside of an SOP solver, I look for the first and last points on a curve and assign them to groups. I then try and assign these groups in the Stitch constraints on a multi-solver but they aren't taking effect. Can someone point me in the right direction? I know this is simple in SOPS level but I'd like to expand upon this in DOPs and make the Stitch points animate-able. Thank you constraint_simple_01.hiplc
  3. Recreate arc curve from two circles

    Thanks for the link and tutorial You go through how to build my current set with vex which is great, I still need to recreate that red outlined shape though, and ideas with that and your vex route? Thanks for the ideas @MENOZ that's sort of the way I've been approaching this problem so far, but haven't been successful in finding a viable solution yet.
  4. Recreate arc curve from two circles

    Hey, I would ideally like to have this all happen in Vex rather than the set I have made here. This would allow it to be more scalable, but perhaps I can save that for my next problem. Right now I am wondering how I go about recreating the curve I have outlined in pink on the image? Any ideas would be a big help as I'm really stuck. Thanks Metaball Arc_Circles_A_01.hip
  5. Juraj's playground

    Great work Juraj! Some really clever and time saving stuff in there! Would you mind sharing your 'Save Increment' tool
  6. Right angle box sweep

    Thanks again @sasho78!
  7. Right angle box sweep

    @sasho78 I may have spoke to soon Any ideas would be a big help! box_curve_v2.hip
  8. Right angle box sweep

    @sasho78 Perfect, thanks! The Angle fix in Sweep was the trick
  9. Right angle box sweep

    Hi, Can anyone see where I may be going wrong with this set up? I'm trying to get a constant box profile sweep along a simple curve made up of right angles. This set up with the polyframe is all messed up? box_curve.hip
  10. Chops increasing value

    @houdiniJD Thank you, this is exactly what I was after! The other approaches were very useful to too, thanks for the tips guys!
  11. Chops increasing value

    Hey, I was hoping someone could help me out with a CHOPS set up I'm stuck on. I'm looking for a channel to continuesly increase over time at a set rate, but with added intervales? That may no make sense so I have set up a scene to decirbe it. The image below show the white line which is what I'm after. Its a mix of the red (contast increasing value) with the sine wave pink line, but only the positve values, which then get added to the red line. Sorry if that's confussing, CHOPS is confussing! Any help would be really apprciated! Chops_Increase_01.hip
  12. Stacking, python to vex

    Thanks @Zybrand That worked out great!
  13. Stacking, python to vex

    Thanks for taking a look @dchow1992 With that code the boxes won't stack one on top of another, they simply move up the size of their scale.y I'm looking to get boxes of different scales to sit one on top of another.
  14. Hello, Is anyone able to point out where I am going wrong here? Ideally I would like the boxes of different scales to stack up one on top of another. In another package, using python on a series of boxes I get the desired stacking effect. When I try to convert the python to vex it's not working as I'd hoped. I suspect it's a really small oversight on my behalf but it would be really helpful for me to understand where I'm doing wrong. My Python code # Example Python code def main(): list = op.GetObjects() new = Vector(0) for object in list: pos = object.GetPos() scale = object.GetScale() new.y = new.y + scale.y + pos.y #Set new position to new object.SetPos(new) #Update new new.y = new.y + scale.y - pos.y My Vex code run in Detail mode vector new = 0; for (int i = 0; i < (@numpt); i++){ vector pos = point(0, "P", i); vector scale = point(0, "scale", i); new.y = new.y + scale.y + pos.y; setpointattrib(0, "P", i, new); new.y = new.y + scale.y - pos.y; } Thank you stacking_up.hip
  15. Spherical Coordinates

    @galagast thanks for the quick reply! I just tried that line of code and although it visually looks correct, it seems to only work in that one situation for example if you placed a box or grid as the input geo, like in the gif above, it breaks the formula. It feels so close though!