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  1. Hiding Tabs in Operator Type Properties

    Is there a way to do it with the 'and' operator?
  2. fluid losing volume after collision.

    Hey Guys, I am struggling to get my fluid working right after collision. It loses so much volume and I have tried to reduce particle separation, voxel grid scale, and particle radius. I have also tried to change the advection of the velocity from advect to rebuild to none as well. Nothing has helped so far. I have attached the file and the test video to show exactly whats happening. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Regards, Soumitra Goswami Fliptest29.mp4 lavatest_NUhelp.hipnc
  3. Packed Primitives collapsing

    Hi,I am trying to figure out DOPs and packed primitives. I have a tower of jenga blocks arranged like a jenga tower which I've created through a copy sop. What I want to do is have it rest and not collapse. I have assigned a rest node but my tower interpenetrates and collapse. I have attached a playblast and file so you know exactly what I mean.Please help me out.Thanks,Regards,Soumitra Goswami JengaTest_[0001-0240].mp4 jenga_test.hipnc
  4. Hi all, I am trying to create a list of all the edges in a connected geometry. Each edge will store information of 1) the points its being connected to 2) The rest length , mass and spring constant for each of the edge. ATM I am thoroughly confused and in need of the best way to approach making the list of edges in HDK 14. I have been looking at different methods (some referencing GEO_Closure, looping through primitives etc ) in forums but I'm having trouble wrapping my head around these. Any help would be much appreciated!! Thanks, Regards, Soumitra Goswami
  5. Issues with creating attributes

    Hey MrScienceOfficer, Thank you for your reply. Really appreciate it. I figured out the problem I was having. My duplicateSource was being called every frame. Since my source didn't have a velocity attribute it kept copying its attribute onto my gdp. Hence my custom velocity attribute disappeared in my GDP after the first frame(since I was creating it only on the first frame). As soon as I moved my duplicateSource inside my first frame check ,it worked. I respectfully disagree that attribute needs to be created every frame. If you look at the S_Particle.C example file you will see them creating variable tuples only on the first frame. Since its added to the gdp, it handles it for the rest of the frames ( Unless it gets overwritten which was happening in my case). You are right that I needed to cache my geometry with the duplicateSource only on the first cook and that was the issue I was having as it was caching it on every frame. Thank you for pointing that out. I do use Vector<UT_Vector3> as a state variable to store my positions, velocities and Forces. Helps when calculating RK4 integration. I will post more updates soon.
  6. Hey all, I am having problems creating attributes in HDK. The attribute I create shows up on the first frame(which is when i create it) and then disappears in the rest of the frames. Please check the cookmySop function. I am pretty sure I am doing something stupid. Currently what I want is to take my geometry and create a spring force . So for the first step I am trying to setup my velocity, position and force attributes. So I copy my sourceGeometry into my gdp and try to manipulate the points there as per the examples. Please help me out as I am completely lost as to why this is happening. here is a snippet. mySource = inputGeo(0,context); duplicateSource(0,context); //gdp->copy(mySource,GEO_COPY_ONCE); flags().timeDep = 1; CH_Manager *chman = OPgetDirector()->getChannelManager(); fpreal frame = chman->getSample(context.getTime()); fpreal reset = STARTFRAME(); //frame = frame/30.0; if (frame<=reset || !mySource) { my_lastCookTime = reset; //initSystem(); myPos = GA_RWHandleV3(gdp->findAttribute(GA_ATTRIB_POINT, "P")); GA_RWHandleV3 attrib = gdp->findAttribute(GA_ATTRIB_POINT,"v"); if ( gdp->getPointMap().indexSize() > 0 || !mySource) { myVelocity = GA_RWHandleV3(gdp->addFloatTuple(GA_ATTRIB_POINT,"v",3)); //myVelocity = GA_RWHandleV3(gdp,GA_ATTRIB_POINT, "v"); if(myVelocity.isValid()){ myVelocity.getAttribute()->setTypeInfo(GA_TYPE_VECTOR); myVelocity->setTupleSize(3); UT_Vector3 V; for (GA_Iterator it(gdp->getPointRange()); !it.atEnd(); ++it) { GA_Offset offset = *it; UT_Vector3 V = UT_Vector3(0,0,0); myVelocity.set(offset,UT_Vector3(0,0,0)); cout << "velocity2: " << myVelocity->getTupleSize() <<endl; } } } } else { frame += 0.05;//tollerance //notifyGroupParmListeners(0,-1,mySource,NULL); while (my_lastCookTime < frame) { cout << "velocity3: " << myVelocity->getTupleSize() <<endl; timeStep(chman->getSample(my_lastCookTime)); my_lastCookTime += 1; } } Project4.zip
  7. I am a noob and writing a basic particle system for an assignment following SOP_SParticle.C file given. After reading the documentation several times , I don't think I grasp all the nuances in writing your own particle system. The HDK documentation is good but is very confusing since the examples provided and Change in syntax really makes it unintiutive if I want to add features. I want to know if I want to calculate my own collision response and collision determination and I want to get the distance from the nearest surface, what do I need to do? The reason is I want Houdini to calculate the distance of my particle from surface using its built in Octree so its efficient. In other words I want Houdini to calculate the collision detection or at least give me the distance efficiently while I do the calculations for the bounce and friction. This is purely for learning purposes . Any guidance in this or properly creating a custom particle sop will help.
  8. Compiling in Visual Studio 12 and Houdini 14.0.444

    Thanks for the reply. Yes I was doing something very silly. I found out that I was required separate out the flags to c++ and linker command line options. All this is new to me so I'm getting used to this . Thanks for your suggestion
  9. I am trying to just compile and run SOP_Star.C through Visual Studio 12. I am having issues with the compile flags. I have looked into hcustom -d SOP_Star.C and used those as compile flags in the additional command lines in Visual Studio 12. I am attaching the log file. Please advice. Till then I shall be using the hcustom to compile which seems to work. In case you are wondering these are my compile flags -nologo -TP -Zc:forScope -DI386 -DWIN32 -DSWAP_BITFIELDS -D_WIN32_WINNT=0x0502 -DNOMINMAZ -DSTRICT -DWIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN -D_USE_MATH_DEFINES -D_CRT_SECURE_NO_DEPRECATE -D_CRT_NONSTDC_NO_DEPRECATE -D_SCL_SECURE_NO_WARNINGS -DBOOST_ALL_NO_LIB -DSESI_LITTLE_ENDIAN -DAMD64 -DSIZEOF_VOID_P=8 -DFBX_ENABLED=1 -DOPENCLENABLED=1 -DOPENVDB_ENABLED=1 -I . -I "$(H14_PATH)/toolkit/include" -I "D:/Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0/VC/include" -I "C:/Program Files (x86)/Windows Kits/8.0/Include/um" -I "C:/Program Files (x86)/Windows Kits/8.0/Include/shared" -wd4355 -w14996 -Od -DNDEBUG -MD -EHsc -GR -bigobj -DMAKING_DSO -LD -link -LIBPATH:"D:/Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0/VC/lib/amd64" -LIBPATH:"$(H14_PATH)/custom/houdini/dsolib" "$(H14_PATH)/custom/houdini/dsolib/*.a" "$(H14_PATH)/custom/houdini/dsolib/*.lib" -out:"C:/Users/Soumitra/Documents/houdini14.0/dso/SOP_Star.dll" SG_PBM_Particles_logFile.zip
  10. Lightning down a string

    Hi, I have a shot where I need lightning to travel down the string. I have the Lead branch traveling down. I want to branch it out like reference from Frankenweenie. I am trying to fake it with 2-3 strands but I feel it could be improved further. Any suggestions would help. My college is limited to having Houdini 12.5.376. So please take into consideration. I have attached the hip file for you to see. Any suggestions would be appreciated. LightningTest1 - Has 3 strands coming down. LightningTest2 - Has 2 strands coming down. Thanks in advance. Regards, Soumitra Goswami LightningTest1.mov LightningTest2.mov lightningTest.hipnc
  11. string/rope breaking tearing

    Rainroom. I don't think the version of Houdini(12.5.376) I am using in my university has Finite Elements yet. If you have a suggestions on jerry rigging it i might give it a go. Currently working on a lightning effect and will work on this right after that is done.
  12. string/rope breaking tearing

    Hey, Thanks for the quick reply. I will try this out and post some results. Your help is much appreciated. Cheers!! Regards, Soumitra Goswami
  13. string/rope breaking tearing

    Hi, I am working on a group project from school which requires me to break a string/rope in a realistic fashion. I have generated the string using a tool I wrote which gives me control on the construction of the string (a.k.a number of threads wrapped around each other). What are the recommendations to create this effect. 1) Do I go the cloth tearing route( I can't seem to find that tool in my version of Houdini) 2) Go the fracturing route 3) Any other recommendations? If you can guide me in the right direction so that I am not shooting in the dark, then it would be much appreciated. Thanks a bunch. Regards, Soumitra Goswami P.S. - My university currently has Houdini 12.5.376 as its latest version.