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  1. Destruction

    Hey, This is a personnal project I did this year with Axel Blin. I did all the Fx, rendering and compositing. Axel made the Animation.
  2. Learning challenge Vex

    Hi all, I started to learn Vex, But I think it's better for me if I have some exercises. I mean like on this topic : It can be very cool to do this method for vex too, like this everybody can participate and learn. Of course each day the exercise need to be a little more complex. Thanks and I hope you will like the idea.
  3. Learning challenge Vex

    I'm not very good on matrix but you can use matrix with so many way. using quaterion matrix3 ect.. there is an ther way to achieve this exercice without matrix. replace the second wrangle by that: float pt01, twistx, twisty; vector x, y, z; x = v@tangentv; y = v@up; z = v@tangentu; pt01 = float(i@ptnum)/float(i@numpt); twistx = sin(pt01 * ch("amount")) * ch("strength"); twisty = cos(pt01 * ch("amount")) * ch("strength"); x *= twistx; y *= twisty; v@at = x + y; v@N = v@tangentu; v@up = v@at;
  4. Learning challenge Vex

    If you remember the last picture I posted after the poly frame create a wrangle : v@up = cross(v@tangentv, v@tangentu); v@at = v@tangentv; after that a new wrangle: float pt01 = float(i@ptnum)/float(i@numpt); pt01 = chramp("shape", pt01); matrix m = ident(); float angle = radians(ch("angle")*pt01*100); vector axis = v@tangentu; vector Newm; rotate(m, angle, axis); v@at *= m; and your @at is twist
  5. Learning challenge Vex

    cool ! tomorrow I will post the normal rotation with matrix and the version with sin
  6. Learning challenge Vex

    thank you Kiryha, today I finish the exercice with the normal I will send tomorrow what I wrote on the wrangle. I do the vop challenge too, for that , after I will try to convert vop node into vex and vex into vop, if you have some exercice in vop to give me, you can the principe of this topic is to practice and practice a lot
  7. Learning challenge Vex

    I just finish it, it was very complicate to understand everything with array ect.. So for today if someone have an exercise to propose
  8. Learning challenge Vex

    yep, I’m trying to do a rope only in vex, by this I mean the rope, I’m a little bit lost about how twist the vector to creat the rope
  9. Learning challenge Vex

    Thanks for these informations, tomorrow I will try without @age, I have a question, I,m trying to do a rope. So I did a line, resample, polyframe with tangentu and tangentv my question is what is the best way to achieve this ?
  10. Learning challenge Vex

    I did the rotation in an other wangle with that : @age = @ptnum; @P.y = fit01(@age, 0.1, 1)+@age/ch("heigth");
  11. Learning challenge Vex

    Hey kiryha thx for your participation and for my first exercise of the week !
  12. Learning challenge Vex

    Thank Atom I will study the ramp
  13. Learning challenge Vex

    I finish it ! If you have a new one ?
  14. Learning challenge Vex

    Thanks Jon3de for the first exercise !
  15. Rocket Launch

    Hi All ! This is my last project of my short movie a rocket launch ! I made for my last year at school ! I done modelisation, texturing, rig, and animation of the rocket and all Fx. I used maya and renderman for the rocket and Houdini and mantra for FX Amine Amahadar done the matte painting and Anthony Carlone the compositing. https://vimeo.com/213220367
  16. rocket launch

    Yo Can I've some feedback to my rocket launch, its only one smoke passworld :smoke https://vimeo.com/210316300 thx
  17. rocket launch

    Thank you Atom ! for the darkness I will change in nuke, I save each light contribution as an aov so it's not a probleme, and for the soot I've no time to creat an another effect ...
  18. rocket launch

    thank you ! I think i will reduce the turbulence in my smoke, i have two emiter in this smoke one on the ground and an other higher
  19. smoke launch

    Hi all I'm working on my central smoke for my rocket launch, bu tI have a problem i Can't have a good result ... If someone can help me This is the hip with my method : fumee_mid_help.hip this is the simulation of all the smoke without the central : passworld: smoke and this is the result of my central for now :
  20. smoke launch

    Yo haggi, You make a rocket launch too ? do you have a playbast ? Can I see your result ?
  21. smoke launch

    YOOO ! I made this frame 95 : frame 77 : and the hip : fumee_mid_help2.hip it's better what do you think ?
  22. Robot destruction

    Hi All ! This is my last project in Houdini, I done all FX and compositing
  23. smoke launch

    Thank you guys I'm caching my other smoke of my rocket launch but tomorrow I will try that
  24. smoke launch

    Thank you Atom I will see the topic and I will be back with some test !
  25. smoke launch

    nobody ?