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  1. Vellum max BEND / pressure - size

    Hej vinz - i dont see any differenz :-(. Best Ollek
  2. Vellum max BEND / pressure - size

    Hej guys - I am inflating a sphere. My problem is that some areas are inflating more and some inflating less. Is there any option to add a max. bend option/attribute? I wanted to have the clot areas the same size / same amount stretch or bend. ATTACHED THE FILE Best Ollek problem.hiplc
  3. Hej guys, I got a 3d object with final Redshift-Materials in a C4d scene. I wanted to transfer the Object with Shaders to Houdini and created a Redshift proxy and imported it into Houdini - works great. Is there any way to “unpack” / “convert” the redshift proxy in Houdini without losing the Shaders? I wanted to deform the proxy geo in Houdini. I tried to unpacked + converted the proxy file so I can pointdeform the proxy. Unfortunately, all my materials and Shaders have been gone. Is there any way to get it working without rebuilding the shaders from C4d? Best
  4. FEM attached to wire - solver.

    Hej guys, I was trying to attach a fem object to an wire solver ...with no luck. I wanted to achieve something like a „Pendel“ with a fem object attached. i know it’s easy possible in vellum , but it’s was to unstable. Any tips here to achieve this? best jack.
  5. ragdoll fluid interaction possible?

    no solution found so far...:-(
  6. ragdoll fluid interaction possible?

    I have still no luck with the feedback scale parameter, really unstable. I don't get the ragdoll floating smoothly on the surface of the fluid. I attached my file... Is there any other solution? best floatib.hipnc
  7. ragdoll fluid interaction possible?

    I use a flip solver. I also tried to play with Feedback scale but with no luck on a stable simulation. i have around 100 agents ... Never heard about the fluid force mode. Will give it a try. best jack
  8. ragdoll fluid interaction possible?

    Hey guys, is there any way to get ragdolls interacting with flip fluids? I was trying to let some crowd agents to float on on the fluid surface with no luck. They usually started to explode and fall sport when they hit the surface. Whats the best workaround there? Is that even possible ? best jack.
  9. Hej guys - I am looking for an option to activate a ragdoll state by another ragdoll simulation. In other words crowd transition based on ragdoll collisions. Is this possible? Best Jack
  10. Hej guys - I am looking for a way, to add a goal position for flips after a specific time. What I basically want: the fluid is "falling down" ......after 50 frames.....flow back to the initial state ( but dynamically - each point exactly to its original/initial start position) I know this is well possible with grains via these attributes: targetP , targetweight ,targetstiffness With "popsteer" and "popattract" i could not got is work, because the particles never really stopped moving smoothly. I attached the file:scene.hiplcscene.hiplc Some an idea? Best jack.
  11. For each - randome point group.

    thanks - but this does not randomize the points for each object ...
  12. Hej guys - I am looking for a wa y to add randomly 2 points to a point group in a for each loop (different points for each copied piece) Does anyone know how to solve this? Best jack group.hiplc
  13. Hej guys- I am looking for a way, to move the pivot of a "transform node" to the bottom of the of an animated! geometry. What i tried: It's working, but only in the first frame - since my object is moving the left - the pivot don't move with the sphere. Any ideas? Best jack
  14. Hello, Does someone know, how I drive the Vellum "attach to geo" @Stiffness parameter - based on an animated Cd attribute? Tried all-day - no luck with sop solver :-( Files attached: animated.hiplc Best
  15. If / Else group - VEX

    I'd like to know the best way to use If Else type statements in Vex code. What I wanted to achieve: if( in the group name "inside") { @stiffness = 1; } else ( not in side the group name "inside") { @stiffness = 1000; } What's the correct vex code for this function Vex? I don't get this working. best jack