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  1. "For each" - Shift last keyframe

    Because i have over 70 copies in my original scene.... and it's important to have the ease in/out "spline" to control the speed ramps.
  2. Hej guys - I have a question. (i attached my example as a scene file) How do I shift a specific keyframe ( the last one ) - based on the "Iteration" in a for each loop? What I wanted to achieve something like this: All cubes starting together with the same speed to move - but they should stop at a different position ( based on the iteration) - (all ease out and ease in). It would be helpful to shift the last keyframe value in a for each loop. Is that possible? All the best. Jack 11.hiplc
  3. Hi guys - I have a simple setup where I used a restblendnode in vellum to source a new vellum rest. Now i need this restblend based on the Cd attribute. I dont get it working.... :-( I attached my file. Could someone help? rest_blend_cd.hiplc
  4. for each-point deform in h17

    no one advice or tipp?
  5. Hej guys - i was trying to add a foreach-pointdeform to a grain pre-fractured geo in h17 and it did not work as in h16 anymore. How can i pointdeform each fractured piece after the simulation? All the best jack foreach.hipnc
  6. Pyro / Volume Kill

    Hej guys - I am looking for an easy way to kill volume/pyro based on a bounding box in DOPS. Couldn't find anything how to do it. Any tips?
  7. Hi i am emitting crowds every 60 frames with the impulse activation "$F%60 == 0" in the crowdsoure. Now I have the problem that my ragdoll constraints are just appearing in the first emitted ragdolls. All that comes after don't have the ragdoll constraints anymore and the parts fall apart. Is there a solution for this? All the best and Thank you! jack
  8. vellum - target position - dynamicly

    amazing tomas!
  9. vellum - target position - dynamicly

    ok - one more question: how can i use a separate goal/geo which is animated? How can I change the link to to a "self-made" goal?
  10. vellum - target position - dynamicly

    perfect. thanks
  11. vellum - target position - dynamicly

    Thanks - Atom. I dont wanted to touch/animate any forces, because my scene is way more complex. It should move/morph to an specific target/rest position - or even better - an animated restposition. Is that possible with vellum? Its the same like the "Cloth-target" in the older houdini versions. Like here:
  12. Hello guys - may its really simple, but how can I animate a soft/dynamic movement transition to the starting point of my vellum animation? should go dynamically - not with blendshapes! Basically like the targetstiffness/ targetposition we have in gains. Is that possible with vellum? I uploaded a file... Thanks back.hiplc
  13. Hi, i am emitting vellum geometry over time. My problem now is that i can not add the hires geo back to every emitted (new) geometry. It just working with the first one. I was trying to do something in the foreach loop with no luck. Is there a simple solution for this? BTW - i uploadet the file also All the best for each.hiplc
  14. Hej guy i wanted to remesh my geo in a specific direction. Is there a way to do this with splines as an direction or anything else? Whats the best approach for this? All the best. remesh.hiplc