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  1. Hello guys,


    i have a grain sande box with is starting to simulate at the first frame. I need later after 600 Frames.


    In the " impulse activation tab" i have here  


    What should i add to activate it at frame 600?


    Best jack

  2. Hi - i created particles colors with the Attribwrangle VEXspression:


    // Color from Bounding Box
    @Cd = relbbox(0, @P);

    this code basicly created a bounding box based on all particles positions in the scene.  (it changes the color - because the particle are moving in space)

    How to define an own bounding box (size of the bounding box) -  based on primitive-cube for example?


    All the best



  3. Hello guys, I wanted to use the pop attract in a grain simulation. I have a simple simulation with grain, which are falling down. After a specific frame I wanted to let the particles go back dynamical to the exact start position.  I thought it’s possible with the pop-atttactor node. I’m the source tab, I can choose atttaction type: particles. Here I link to the rest position of the first frame of the grain particles.

    This doesn’t  work for me. 


    All the best 


  4. Hello guys, i was looking for an option to drive particles(point) like a pyro Animation. Is there a option to do this in Houdini? I know that Houdini has a points from volume - node...but these is static an  change the position on every Frame. Is there any solution for it?


    best jack

  5. Hi guys, is it possible to use animated contraints with Fem?

    I was trying to contraints the head of the 2 tubes (image) to an rotating cube, so that both tubes are winding together like a rope.

    With fem targets geo i had no luck. :-(

    Is this possible?


    best jack