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  1. Grain Break + Mesh Break

  2. Hej i found a cool video on vimeo: I was wondering how to achieve this effect. At the first moment it looks like a hires model with a lot polygons which got displaced? But i'm not sure here.
  3. Grain impluse activation later

    Hello guys, i have a grain sande box with is starting to simulate at the first frame. I need later after 600 Frames. In the " impulse activation tab" i have here $SF==1 What should i add to activate it at frame 600? Best jack
  4. Hi - i created particles colors with the Attribwrangle VEXspression: // Color from Bounding Box @Cd = relbbox(0, @P); this code basicly created a bounding box based on all particles positions in the scene. (it changes the color - because the particle are moving in space) How to define an own bounding box (size of the bounding box) - based on primitive-cube for example? All the best bounding_box.hip
  5. Pop attract with grains

    Hello guys, I wanted to use the pop attract in a grain simulation. I have a simple simulation with grain, which are falling down. After a specific frame I wanted to let the particles go back dynamical to the exact start position. I thought it’s possible with the pop-atttactor node. I’m the source tab, I can choose atttaction type: particles. Here I link to the rest position of the first frame of the grain particles. This doesn’t work for me. All the best jack
  6. Pop attract with grains

    i added my file.... Is it possible to add a target position to the grains like "fem" or "cloth" has? best jack grain.hip
  7. Hello guys, i wanted to delete some points on a spline - my problem is that the spline always wanted to close itself and adds some bigger splines between the gabs ( i don't want it) . How can fix it? all the best delete.hip
  8. delete points on spline -> do not close

    no - not working :-(
  9. Hello guys, is it possible to drive the strenght of the smooth sop based on attributes (color)? I was trying to type from vex expressions..but he did not use it.
  10. Hi, i have a copy stamp and wanted to build a look at function for the copys to a specific point or geometry - the rotation for each copy should be applyed only on the Y-Axis . Is there a special node for this? How does it work? all the best. jack look at.hip
  11. Hi, someone know how to setup a defined gravity field for an FEM simulation? I tied it with a mask field in the gravity note but it doen't work for FEM ( with an RDB Object it works perfectly)? Scenefile is attached: thanks so far! FEM_GRAVITYFIELD.hip
  12. FEMgravity field not working

    not possible?
  13. Points from Volume

    Hello guys, i was looking for an option to drive particles(point) like a pyro Animation. Is there a option to do this in Houdini? I know that Houdini has a points from volume - node...but these is static an change the position on every Frame. Is there any solution for it? best jack
  14. Hi, i was trying to group particles from a flipfluidobject, but without luck. My goal is to add to differnet gravities with 2 Popforces + 2 PopGroups. The particles from the left half of my flipfluidobject should have a positive gravity and the right part should have a negative grafity. Does anyone has an solution for this? best force_Group.hip
  15. Hej guys , i was looking for an option to add costume velocity fields to a grain solver. I a a tutorial, but it did not work for grains. Does anyone has a tip to do it with grains? best jack
  16. velocity fields for grains

    anybody still have an idea? i found a better example for this:
  17. fem constraint

    Hi guys, is it possible to use animated contraints with Fem? I was trying to contraints the head of the 2 tubes (image) to an rotating cube, so that both tubes are winding together like a rope. With fem targets geo i had no luck. :-( Is this possible? best jack
  18. fem constraint

    yes i was thinking about this - but i'm not sure how to animate that in sop-level so that it looks like this: bend deformer does not working i think.
  19. Hello guys, i was trying to add a rdb-collider to a cloth animation...without luck. Is it possible to combine both so that hej interact physical correct? best
  20. Hello guys, I have a cloth object and addet a target object in the DOP Network. Is it possible to control the transformation to the target-object ( Target Stiffness) with a animated noise? Best ;-)
  21. FEM / CLOTH - Target GEO

    Thank you this is working...but not with an animated noise. Do you know if this is possible too?
  22. Crowd - Look at

    Hello guys, i am playing around with crowds in houdini. I wanted to achieve, that my crowdsource people are placed in a circle around a specific object - and all faces have to look at the object. Does anyone know how to do that?
  23. Crowd - Look at

    Hmm, no no chance to get ist working. I also try the self tool "look at". The people are not looking at my object. ..hmm
  24. Does anyone know how to setup a vdb morph with the " vdbmorphsdf "- NODE and a mask? Never got it working. Best