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  1. Modifying built in viewer states?

    Thanks! I had thought about putting it into a wrapper HDA, which works well for something like a polybevel, but doesn't work well for the edit SOP which I want to customize so that the controls match something like Maya. Any thoughts on how I can make this work? Thanks
  2. Modifying built in viewer states?

    What I am trying to do is write the script and save it at the following directory "scripts/sop/polybevel_2.0.py" so that every time a polybevel node is created, it runs the script at that location (https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/hom/locations.html#node_event_files) I've found out that whenever I try to enter a new state using code in that location upon the creation of a polybevel node, the state will trigger and immediately exit and go to the default polybevel state. I hope this makes sense. Is this also what your were doing? Or did you just run the code in the python shell? I have no issues changing states in the python shell or using a tool script. Thanks
  3. Modifying built in viewer states?

    Hello guys, Is there a way I can modify or create a custom viewer state for an existing node (polybevel, edit) through python. I essentially want to add advanced hotkeys and shortcuts to the existing nodes through python viewer states. I've tried writing a script that sets the viewer to a custom state upon the creation of node by adding OnCreated Python script to the Houdini scripts folder, but it refuses to switch the viewer state with this method. Thanks