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  1. Karma (Left)/ Mantra (Right) I make radial motion blur using [Xform Time Samples] & [Geo Time Samples]. But Karma doesn't work. This document says that Karma is also supported. https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/lop/rendergeometrysettings.html Is there anything I missed? Or are you not applying yet? propeller.hipnc
  2. Like the bag simulation in the Houdini 17 o'clock video, I try to make the clothes have the effect of other materials such as iron and leather. No matter how hard I look at the parts where iron and clothing are simulated, there is no example of this, so is there any part that I can refer to?
  3. This is really good to import python module from external files. But extra files in HDA can load only using hou.readFile method. Thank you.
  4. Thanks. I see the link that you attached. This is awesome too! At this time, I want to know how to execute binary files( pyc is just a example ) using hou.readFile method not to hide them. I know hou.readFile method read file as string. I cannot import and execute them from HDA extra files not only py and pyc. So, I think just execute py code from string and pyc binary code from string. I found execute pyc binary by using imp, marshal module. It works perfectly. https://mail.python.org/pipermail/chicago/2007-August/002498.html I just wanted to know if there was a way to do this. I agree with the best way is just copy code to python module in HDA.
  5. Hello, I want to embed my python scripts in HDA. So, I add test.pyc file to Extra Files Tab. And I want to import this PythonModule in Scripts Tab. I try to this via hou.readFile("opdef:Sop/hdaname?test.pyc"), but this cannot read pyc binary file. Is there any way to import python module in extra file?
  6. Hello, I try to make this model to show chemical structure. http://www.pnas.org/content/110/1/34/F4.large.jpg I am a beginner.. Is there good way to make this through procedural method? I try to this. and attach file. Hard to make like the picture. topographically.hip
  7. I am making some fractal which is needed Complex Numbers. I use Python Module's Complex Method. => complex(1, 2) = 1+2j But I want to know using Complex Numbers via VEX Language. According to SideFX's Houdini Documents, vector2 : Two floating point values. You might use this to represent texture coordinates (though usually Houdini uses vectors) or complex numbers. But I cannot know how to express the complex numbers in VEX.
  8. I really appreciate of your answer, Illusionist. Thanks! I will try right now.
  9. Are there any reference of OpenGL Context for houdini? like vex context(P, Cd, ....)
  10. Hi, there. I have some HDAs that use an external python module. I'd like to package the module into the HDAs so that external files are not necessary to use them. Currently I am embedding the python module using the “Custom Script” event handler, and I want to read file from “Extra Files” Tab. I want to write & read files from HDA's Extra Files Tab. Because I don't want to write & read files from External Directory. If I changed computer, I should move not only HDA asset but related External Files. I want to embed all files related to HDA. The Extra File is just txt file or json file. I already ask same question to sidefx forum. But, I receive some useful tips. I try HDADefinition Module but I cannot find to write in HDA. I spend about two weeks.. otl OTL Is there any way to write in the HDA's Extra Files? Link I asked same question
  11. Thank you ! Thanks you! Nowadays, I study in compatible environment and I successfully implement Dijsktra Function on my own VEX function!
  12. I am a beginner who studied HDK. I use VC14(visual studio 15), Houdini 15.5. I study many examples in SOP folder and etc... There are two questions. First, GA_PointGroup * mygroup; GEO_Point * ppt; GR_FOR_ALL_GPOINTS_NC(gdp, GEO_Point, pt) { mygroup->add(ppt->getNum()); } This Code should be fixed by reference HDK Documents(Geometry Porting Cookbook) http://www.sidefx.com/docs/hdk/_h_d_k__g_a__porting.html#HDK_GA_PortingCookbook_Simple_Name_Translation /* *Adding To A Group * *GB Code *group->add(prim->getNum()) *==> *GA Code *group->add(*prim); *group->addIndex(prim->getNum()); */ GA_PointGroup * mygroup; GEO_Point * ppt; GR_FOR_ALL_GPOINTS_NC(gdp, GEO_Point, pt) { mygroup->add(*ppt); mygroup->addInex(ppt->getNum()); } I changed like this. But mygroup->add(*ppt); still error... Is There any way? Second, I have one more question about GEO_PointList For the Documents, GB_ElementList GB had arrays of pointers to objects. As these objects no longer exist, code using element arrays should likely be re-written to be more efficient. The GA version of element lists return by value (not by reference). // GB Code GEO_PointList &pnts = gdp->points(); ==> // GA Code GEO_PointList pnts = gdp->points(); But there is no GEO_PointList.. I check it existed 13.0 not 15.0 I traverse 13.0 HDK Documents related GEO_PointList.. It's so difficult to find out the replacements. I search for Major Changes and HDK Forums, Documents. I cannot find. I want use points() function.. OTL
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