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  1. Karma (Left)/ Mantra (Right) I make radial motion blur using [Xform Time Samples] & [Geo Time Samples]. But Karma doesn't work. This document says that Karma is also supported. https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/lop/rendergeometrysettings.html Is there anything I missed? Or are you not applying yet? propeller.hipnc
  2. Vellum Cloth with various materials

    Like the bag simulation in the Houdini 17 o'clock video, I try to make the clothes have the effect of other materials such as iron and leather. No matter how hard I look at the parts where iron and clothing are simulated, there is no example of this, so is there any part that I can refer to?
  3. HDA - Import Python Module from extra files

    This is really good to import python module from external files. But extra files in HDA can load only using hou.readFile method. Thank you.
  4. HDA - Import Python Module from extra files

    Thanks. I see the link that you attached. This is awesome too! At this time, I want to know how to execute binary files( pyc is just a example ) using hou.readFile method not to hide them. I know hou.readFile method read file as string. I cannot import and execute them from HDA extra files not only py and pyc. So, I think just execute py code from string and pyc binary code from string. I found execute pyc binary by using imp, marshal module. It works perfectly. https://mail.python.org/pipermail/chicago/2007-August/002498.html I just wanted to know if there was a way to do this. I agree with the best way is just copy code to python module in HDA.
  5. Hello, I want to embed my python scripts in HDA. So, I add test.pyc file to Extra Files Tab. And I want to import this PythonModule in Scripts Tab. I try to this via hou.readFile("opdef:Sop/hdaname?test.pyc"), but this cannot read pyc binary file. Is there any way to import python module in extra file?
  6. Torus Procedural

    Wow Really Thank u!
  7. Torus Procedural

    Hello, I try to make this model to show chemical structure. http://www.pnas.org/content/110/1/34/F4.large.jpg I am a beginner.. Is there good way to make this through procedural method? I try to this. and attach file. Hard to make like the picture. topographically.hip
  8. How Could I use Complex Number via VEX Language?

    Thanks! That's really helpful
  9. I am making some fractal which is needed Complex Numbers. I use Python Module's Complex Method. => complex(1, 2) = 1+2j But I want to know using Complex Numbers via VEX Language. According to SideFX's Houdini Documents, vector2 : Two floating point values. You might use this to represent texture coordinates (though usually Houdini uses vectors) or complex numbers. But I cannot know how to express the complex numbers in VEX.
  10. Write(Modify) Extra File in HDAs

    I really appreciate of your answer, Illusionist. Thanks! I will try right now.
  11. Converting VEX to OpenCL

    Are there any reference of OpenGL Context for houdini? like vex context(P, Cd, ....)
  12. Write(Modify) Extra File in HDAs

    Hi, there. I have some HDAs that use an external python module. I'd like to package the module into the HDAs so that external files are not necessary to use them. Currently I am embedding the python module using the “Custom Script” event handler, and I want to read file from “Extra Files” Tab. I want to write & read files from HDA's Extra Files Tab. Because I don't want to write & read files from External Directory. If I changed computer, I should move not only HDA asset but related External Files. I want to embed all files related to HDA. The Extra File is just txt file or json file. I already ask same question to sidefx forum. But, I receive some useful tips. I try HDADefinition Module but I cannot find to write in HDA. I spend about two weeks.. otl OTL Is there any way to write in the HDA's Extra Files? Link I asked same question
  13. Thank you ! Thanks you! Nowadays, I study in compatible environment and I successfully implement Dijsktra Function on my own VEX function!
  14. I am a beginner who studied HDK. I use VC14(visual studio 15), Houdini 15.5. I study many examples in SOP folder and etc... There are two questions. First, GA_PointGroup * mygroup; GEO_Point * ppt; GR_FOR_ALL_GPOINTS_NC(gdp, GEO_Point, pt) { mygroup->add(ppt->getNum()); } This Code should be fixed by reference HDK Documents(Geometry Porting Cookbook) http://www.sidefx.com/docs/hdk/_h_d_k__g_a__porting.html#HDK_GA_PortingCookbook_Simple_Name_Translation /* *Adding To A Group * *GB Code *group->add(prim->getNum()) *==> *GA Code *group->add(*prim); *group->addIndex(prim->getNum()); */ GA_PointGroup * mygroup; GEO_Point * ppt; GR_FOR_ALL_GPOINTS_NC(gdp, GEO_Point, pt) { mygroup->add(*ppt); mygroup->addInex(ppt->getNum()); } I changed like this. But mygroup->add(*ppt); still error... Is There any way? Second, I have one more question about GEO_PointList For the Documents, GB_ElementList GB had arrays of pointers to objects. As these objects no longer exist, code using element arrays should likely be re-written to be more efficient. The GA version of element lists return by value (not by reference). // GB Code GEO_PointList &pnts = gdp->points(); ==> // GA Code GEO_PointList pnts = gdp->points(); But there is no GEO_PointList.. I check it existed 13.0 not 15.0 I traverse 13.0 HDK Documents related GEO_PointList.. It's so difficult to find out the replacements. I search for Major Changes and HDK Forums, Documents. I cannot find. I want use points() function.. OTL