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  1. Simple Tree Tools 2.0

    Of course
  2. Simple Tree Tools 2.0

    Hi! I just released Simple Tree Tools 2.0. This is a huge update! Please enjoy https://gum.co/SimpleTreeTools
  3. Simple Tree Tools

    Ok so I've updated these tools to v1.5.4! Realtime wind simulation!!! If you havent grabbed them yet, heres a link: https://gum.co/nEGYe
  4. Simple Tree Tools

    Hey all! I just updated Simple Tree Tools to version 1.5.2. There is a lot of goodies in here! Download ----> https://gum.co/nEGYe Oh, and don't forget to read the "read me" to see what's new! Cheers!
  5. Simple Tree Tools

    Oh nice! Didn’t know about that! I’ll see if I can implement that somehow. The preview as it is now I think is pretty good, but it could create some extra cooking time depending on how dense the tree is. I wonder if I could access that button from within the Geo node itself?
  6. Simple Tree Tools

    Hehe might have to do a rebrand to “Simply Advanced Tree Tools” or something like that
  7. Simple Tree Tools

    Yes I do! I just created one Here you go!
  8. Simple Tree Tools

    Oh, 1.5.1 is already released. You should have got an email through Gumroad a few days ago about it? Otherwise just go to the Gumroad link in my first post and download it again!
  9. Simple Tree Tools

    Thanks dude! Yes it has turned out pretty good I think! I might do a new post on version 1.5.1 since its a pretty big update. I think maybe another reason is the lack of not having like a sample video or tutorial on how it works. So I might do one of those as well in the future Glad you like it! Cheers
  10. Simple Tree Tools

    Hello! So i created a few tools for a recent project for creating trees. I thought Id share it with the community. This is my first ever toolset Ive created so If you like it consider donate a few bucks on gumroad. I currently have it as a "pay what you want" product. You are more than welcome to try it out and come with suggestions for future potential updates. Hope you like it! https://gum.co/nEGYe