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  1. Speedtree to Houdini leaf instancing?

    thank you davpe. quick reply
  2. i am wondering how to instance speedtree's leaves in houdini. instance_upvector.hipnc
  3. Hello guys, when i upresing pyro sim, CPU not calculating sim. it's spending 9 hours only 7 frames. i'm using Explicit Caches. Cached frame file size is 3GB. i don't know what should i do. Help me guys. Sorry my bad english....
  4. High Res Fluid Sim issue

    Hello guys, i'm beginner of Houdini. My English really bad... i am started own little project. i called it "RUIN" My low res sim looks okey, but high res fluid sim looks bad. how to find issue, Masters Of Houdini??? it's test of sim. Thank you RUIN_ISSUE_FLUID.mp4