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  1. Hey, I'm wondering if ányone has a quick idea how to activate pops, lying on the ground, by a cluster attribute. To be more precise I need to have clusters of particles, and in those clusters there also shall be an activation over time. So cluster 1 should start do its thing on frame 100 but from frame 100 each particle in that cluster shall get activated over time as well. Any quick ideas maybe?
  2. woopsi, just forget it. Was using the wrong node. volume sample file instead of gradient.
  3. Hey, quick question: do you know if you can make flip particles stick to an SDF surface? When I try the usual workflow it fails completely. Is it actually possible at all? So just emiting flip and stick it to a deforming surface when having contact.
  4. It seems to easily work when just using unpacked RBDs with an rbd fractured object in dops. So it gives interactions with fluids, even inheriting multiple RBDs. Just another question: how do I get unpacked rbds to follow animations? The usual attribs (animated, active etc.) dont apply? Using the parameter "deforming" brings in the sop level anim. I think there is an attrib called animategeo. Unfortunately I cant overwrite it for specific elements.Seems to work with fluids when you just take unpacked RBDs with the rbd fractured object for example.
  5. Unfortunately not working with a hero object. It doesnt react to names. I want this object especially for interactions with fluids. its working nicely in terms of re-solving but I dont wanna add object by object. Imagine a container ship with hundrets of containers on it. It will treat all of those containers as one big thing.
  6. Hey, I was wondering how I can have the hero object inherit multiple incomming objects but treat them as seperate items. I can import one item, replicate it in dops and adjust each one with $OBJID but cannot import multiple layed out objects without having them act as one entity. hero.hiplc
  7. Hi guys, I'm unfortunately pretty bad with RBDs. I'm wondering how you could quickly setup a two step fracture. Like having big chunks and the inidividual polygons of those chumks should be glued together again. Does anyone have a quick initial setup to show? Thanks in advance!
  8. To me it looks like the tidal wave itself isnt actually moving or deforming in any meaningfull way. Just the secondaries are suggesting some kind of movement, besides that the tidal is just transforming a bit. Regarding the secondaries you could try using a VDB representation of that tidal geo and use it as a "collider" with a volume sample. Add some custom velovitie fiels ontop of the geo and drive particles with that. you dont really need the ocean foam node for this.
  9. Hi! I was wondering if you actually can add multiple hero objects into a flip sim without generating one node per object? It didnt seem to work when I tried and I need a correct pivit point per object for some initial v.
  10. I can add external forces, sure. But do you know a way to work directly with the collisionvel or collisionvelscale? I'm wondering why its not working. I created a particle group near the collision area and passed the collisionvel or velscale onto those particles, increased th values and noised them up a bit and transferred the stuff back to the field.
  11. Hey, do you have a tip on how to increase collisionvelocities of flip when colliding with something static? I tried putting "collisionvelscale" onto particles, increase the value around collision areas and put it back onto the field. Didnt work.
  12. Hey, sry for that probably basic question but I didnt use PDG so far. Anyway, I would like to define how many tasks my PC will run in parallel. Lets say I got 6 wedges of whitewater with different initial velocities and I want always two of them to simulate simultaniously. How would I set it up?
  13. Hi guys, may I ask for a quick way of converting geo tubes into straight splines? ATM I'm abusing the fracture tools to generate single constraints withing the center of mass and a join afterwards. Kinda works but wth some flaws. A few lines show discontinuities/breakups. Disabling "only connected" on the join node adds quite a few new splines what I dont want. So is there a quick and dirty way of getting to some fine splines? Some node I dont think of? An alternative would be looking for points with a neighboutcount < 2 which are not at the max or min of curveu and connect them - or something like, I guess.
  14. Hi, I was wondering if you guys know a good way to clear caches after each frame so the available memory doesnt cause a crash, because its still full from the frame gefore.
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