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  1. RBD multi fracture

    Hi guys, I'm unfortunately pretty bad with RBDs. I'm wondering how you could quickly setup a two step fracture. Like having big chunks and the inidividual polygons of those chumks should be glued together again. Does anyone have a quick initial setup to show? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hero Waves + Simulation

    To me it looks like the tidal wave itself isnt actually moving or deforming in any meaningfull way. Just the secondaries are suggesting some kind of movement, besides that the tidal is just transforming a bit. Regarding the secondaries you could try using a VDB representation of that tidal geo and use it as a "collider" with a volume sample. Add some custom velovitie fiels ontop of the geo and drive particles with that. you dont really need the ocean foam node for this.
  3. Hero object(s) FLIP FLUID

    Hi! I was wondering if you actually can add multiple hero objects into a flip sim without generating one node per object? It didnt seem to work when I tried and I need a correct pivit point per object for some initial v.
  4. Increase flip vel on static collider

    I can add external forces, sure. But do you know a way to work directly with the collisionvel or collisionvelscale? I'm wondering why its not working. I created a particle group near the collision area and passed the collisionvel or velscale onto those particles, increased th values and noised them up a bit and transferred the stuff back to the field.
  5. Increase flip vel on static collider

    Hey, do you have a tip on how to increase collisionvelocities of flip when colliding with something static? I tried putting "collisionvelscale" onto particles, increase the value around collision areas and put it back onto the field. Didnt work.
  6. PDG defining amount of simultanious tasks

    forget it
  7. Hey, sry for that probably basic question but I didnt use PDG so far. Anyway, I would like to define how many tasks my PC will run in parallel. Lets say I got 6 wedges of whitewater with different initial velocities and I want always two of them to simulate simultaniously. How would I set it up?
  8. Tubes to curves

    Hi guys, may I ask for a quick way of converting geo tubes into straight splines? ATM I'm abusing the fracture tools to generate single constraints withing the center of mass and a join afterwards. Kinda works but wth some flaws. A few lines show discontinuities/breakups. Disabling "only connected" on the join node adds quite a few new splines what I dont want. So is there a quick and dirty way of getting to some fine splines? Some node I dont think of? An alternative would be looking for points with a neighboutcount < 2 which are not at the max or min of curveu and connect them - or something like, I guess.
  9. Clear VDB Cache after each frame

    Hi, I was wondering if you guys know a good way to clear caches after each frame so the available memory doesnt cause a crash, because its still full from the frame gefore.
  10. organic fracture

    Like when I try fracturing with fem. I use a solid fracture, set it to split primitives and try to play with the facture threshold. Its just not reacting to the values at all. No matter how high I set the threshold, the pieces just fall apart. <-- problem sorted out. Now I want a targetP attrib on parts of the geo. Transfering it with a sop solver and an attrib copy to the sim. Just doing crazy stuff..
  11. organic fracture

    I mean like chopping a human apart dynamically. If you know some Elaborate tut About that let me know
  12. organic fracture

    Hey everyone, does anyone of you know a good ressource for doing a nice organic fracture. Or do you even have a nice Scene I could have a look at?
  13. Threadripper 3970x Clock Speeds

    Hi, to all of you who own the 3970x: how the hell is amd doing ist single core boost? So the all core stock Clock should be at arount 3.7 GHZ, the single core bost way beyong 4, around 4.5 GHZ? When I check the Clock Speeds with Multi threadding Tasks I can see the Clocks stick to 3.7. Unfortunately the cpu does the same in single core unsage...stuck to 3.7, no boost at all. Now when I run the AMD Ryzen Master tool its pushing the single core Speed but the multithread Clocks as well - what makes the cpu too hot Overall. So whats the trick here?
  14. Crazy ocean displacement

    alright, seems like a heavy h18 bug. Opening and renderinh with h17.5 works fine.
  15. Crazy ocean displacement

    Hi everyone, I got a Pretty annoying Problem here regarding an attempt to render a displaced Ocean. So I'm playing with a ship thats comming out of the Ocean (think of pirates of the carebean) and the Memory comsumption Always runs out of Control and causes a crash. Doesnt really matter how low I put the Ocean spectra. I'm testing with a res of 10 and also tried downsampling by a value of 5 in the shader (what should Pretty much turn the displacement into a blobby mess) but nothing helps. Actually only happens when there are a lot of droplets in the air. Running on 80 gigs of ram here. Ist almost as if it goes crazy with displacing each and every drop although its masked out. Also doesnt make sense considering I can downsample as much as I want and it still does this. Furthermore added a mask volume on top of the whole splathing stuff to be sure ist really masked out and doesnt receivve any displacement. Any idea About this?