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  1. Clear VDB Cache after each frame

    Hi, I was wondering if you guys know a good way to clear caches after each frame so the available memory doesnt cause a crash, because its still full from the frame gefore.
  2. organic fracture

    Like when I try fracturing with fem. I use a solid fracture, set it to split primitives and try to play with the facture threshold. Its just not reacting to the values at all. No matter how high I set the threshold, the pieces just fall apart. <-- problem sorted out. Now I want a targetP attrib on parts of the geo. Transfering it with a sop solver and an attrib copy to the sim. Just doing crazy stuff..
  3. organic fracture

    Hey everyone, does anyone of you know a good ressource for doing a nice organic fracture. Or do you even have a nice Scene I could have a look at?
  4. organic fracture

    I mean like chopping a human apart dynamically. If you know some Elaborate tut About that let me know
  5. Threadripper 3970x Clock Speeds

    Hi, to all of you who own the 3970x: how the hell is amd doing ist single core boost? So the all core stock Clock should be at arount 3.7 GHZ, the single core bost way beyong 4, around 4.5 GHZ? When I check the Clock Speeds with Multi threadding Tasks I can see the Clocks stick to 3.7. Unfortunately the cpu does the same in single core unsage...stuck to 3.7, no boost at all. Now when I run the AMD Ryzen Master tool its pushing the single core Speed but the multithread Clocks as well - what makes the cpu too hot Overall. So whats the trick here?
  6. Crazy ocean displacement

    alright, seems like a heavy h18 bug. Opening and renderinh with h17.5 works fine.
  7. Crazy ocean displacement

    Hi everyone, I got a Pretty annoying Problem here regarding an attempt to render a displaced Ocean. So I'm playing with a ship thats comming out of the Ocean (think of pirates of the carebean) and the Memory comsumption Always runs out of Control and causes a crash. Doesnt really matter how low I put the Ocean spectra. I'm testing with a res of 10 and also tried downsampling by a value of 5 in the shader (what should Pretty much turn the displacement into a blobby mess) but nothing helps. Actually only happens when there are a lot of droplets in the air. Running on 80 gigs of ram here. Ist almost as if it goes crazy with displacing each and every drop although its masked out. Also doesnt make sense considering I can downsample as much as I want and it still does this. Furthermore added a mask volume on top of the whole splathing stuff to be sure ist really masked out and doesnt receivve any displacement. Any idea About this?
  8. Avoid too heavy FLIP pull effect

    Alright, I'll try the grid scale as well. But ist not falling into the pool, ist sinking. Also the car is quite big compared to the pool. So ist pulling a lot of fluid with it.
  9. Avoid too heavy FLIP pull effect

    Hey hey, I'm working on a shot where a car is sinking into a pool. The Thing is that ist pulling quite a bit of fluid with it while sinking what makes the water Level appear lower. Do you have some idea how to avout getting too much of a pull down effect with collision objects sinking?
  10. Avoid too heavy FLIP pull effect

    The scale is Right, thats not the prob. Actually never ever used the sph solver in houdini. Maybe I'll give it a try.
  11. Avoid too heavy FLIP pull effect

    Or lets put it like that: when the collision object moves under water it Looks like ist draining a lot of fluid into Nirvana so the water Level is sinking. I don't know why. There is no fluid leaking into the coll object, not loosing particles. A big object under water shouldnt make the water Level sink.
  12. Normal Map

    Hey, ist quite some time ago I used Mantra to do some Rendering but for a Project I'm working on atm I like the more realistic look it gives me compared to redshift. So with redshift I'm just plugging in a normal map and it renders just fine. Trying to do the same with a classic shader but I just get a corrupted Image. Cant see any place to manually plug in Utan and vtan. Something I'm missing?
  13. Hero Object rest force in flip

    Hi everyone, I got a flip sim with a hero object Floating on top of it. Now I want to make sure, the object floats but kinda stays on a specific spot. So I used the rest Attribute and subtracted to Position from it (in the dop net). If the distance is getting bigger the force should increase as well. Unfortunately the force is pulling the object to the Center of the Scene. Maybe any quick solution for that? Added a supe rsimple hip file heroforce.hiplc
  14. Hi, I guess thats a pretty easy question but I couldn't figure it out yet. So I have an obj import that consists out of a big amount of pieces. Importing it to other apps brings in the materials too. So I just can work on those materials insteat of reselecting everything. Importing that obj to Houdini doesn't show any materials. Why is that?
  15. FLIP group based on collision vel

    Hi there, I just Need a quick tipp here. I'm trying to generate a Group based on collisions, so based on collisionvel. I'm using a gasfield to particle to add the collisionvel (renamed to col) to the Geometry. Then I wanna use a Little bit of vex to get a Group within a Pop wrangle or a wrangle within a sop soler. if(@col !=0){ i@group_collided =1);} Unfortunately I cant get any Group based on collisionvel. How do I actually get a Group based on collisionvel?
  16. FLIP group based on collision vel

    Okay, got it
  17. Vellum FLIP interaction

    Hey everyone, do you guys know a way of making flip and vellum cloth interact with each other? So not with Pop fluid but flip.
  18. Expression

    omg, Right...Thanks!
  19. Expression

    Hey, I got a very Basic questin regarding an Expression. So this one: point(stamps("../applyrel1", "SOPPATH", ""), ch("ptgroup"), "P", 1) I´m kinda wondering where "ch("ptgroup") Points to. Ist aiming to a Group Expression Node which contains two Points. But I cant see any actual channel Name called "ptgroup". Is it something inherent or hidden? Ist working but I would like to know why.
  20. Transform RBD by Transform Matrix

    Okay, you hardcoded the ptnum. Alright, that'll do too. thanks for your help
  21. Transform RBD by Transform Matrix

    Hey there, I attached a simple file hoping someone of you has a quick idea on how to fix that. So basically I`m trying to run some RBD on a transformed collision object and then transform the RBD part pack to a non-transformed version of the collision geo. ATM I have to do some extra manual stuff to fit it but that shouldnt be necessary I guess. The point here is that I wanna avoid workflows involving the point deform on purpose. Thanks guys transform.hipnc
  22. Transform RBD by Transform Matrix

    What he does in that video is more or less what I`m doing ATM. Just his aproach isn`t too procedural since he is choosing points for vectors manually. So I tried the primintrinsics but get pretty much the same result as with creating the matrix from polygons. I can push the geo back to 0. Its just not negating the rotation as well. So, added this file again. ran the sim on the inverted transform version of the collision geometry. then I`m trying to apply the stored matrix value on the RBD. This is doing something but defenitely its not getting the rotations right. transform.hipnc
  23. RBD on fast moving collider

    Hey guys, little question about RBDs interacting with fast moving colliders here. So Lets sayI got rocks rolling down a mountain and the mountain shape start to fold/move rapidly. In this case the rocks stop roling and get pressed to the collision geometry - due to the speed of that collider. Any ideas or quick setups on how to counteractthis and get the stones roling again?
  24. Transform RBD by Transform Matrix

    It's transformed Geo and it's also animated. That's why I want it back to origin first, do some stuff on it and get everything back. I totally forgot about I trinsics to be honest
  25. Transform RBD by Transform Matrix

    Much simpler, good direction I used a transform sop, placed a reference copy of it under the sim and ticked on "invert transform". Works for my scenario but still would like to know how to get it working procedural with transform matrixes. Lets say I have a couple of shots and a lot of geometry. I dont wanna place a tranform every time, do a -centroid, adjust the rotation manually, do a reference copy undo the -centroid expression to avoid jiggling etc.