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  1. Global Bump

    Hi everyone, I hope you all doing well. I am having a little problem with a shader I am building. Its a layered shader that I applied to some terrain. I am trying to add a global bump to get some better transition between materials. So far, I have a noise that is used as a mask to blend between materials and I also want to use the same mask to suggest that the underlying material is lower than the one above. How would you aproach this? I would be grateful for any help, all the best!
  2. Delete Interior

    Hey there, I believe I figured it out thanks again for your help.
  3. Delete Interior

    Hey anim, thanks for your answer. I actually tried working with both, but I was not succesful. I figured if hitprim returns -1 it did not hit anything right? Well it does not seem to work that way. Could you be a little more specific on how you would approach this?
  4. Delete Interior

    Hi everyone, I am trying to find an automated way to clean up some CAD geometry that I have. Retopo is no problem, the only issue I have is that the model has a lot of interior geometry that I want to get rid of. Interior and extrerior are connected !!! So I was trying different things without getting a decent result. I am thinking that one should send out a ray along the normal and see what it hits. Ideally multiple rays at varied angles to be sure. Outside points should hit pretty much nothing. So how do I do that? I dont know if a gather loop is a good option. Anyway, I could bot get that to work on sop level. Any help with this would be truly great. Thank you very much in advance.
  5. Hi everyone, I am trying to convert a displacement map from tif to rat with iconvert. I am getting some weird results and I am hoping anyone here might be able to tell me what the actual problem is. In the image you can see the different results I am getting. Only the original tif gives me the results I want. 8 bit is wrong of course but I thought I'd still include it. I am using the classic shader in Houdini 16. Thanks in advance
  6. Distance from center in shops

    Hey j00ey, thanks for the file. From it I realized that I simply had to change the transforms coming from the bounding box to object space. Rookie mistake. Thank you all for the help! All the best, Sascha
  7. Distance from center in shops

    I am not quite sure what exactly you mean here, sorry. I am still pretty much a beginner in Houdini. @Noobini: Hi there. I honestly dont quite know how to use that in a material. Where do I get the inputs from? I used the transform node in the past to measure the distance to a point and that worked quite well... I am assuming I have the wrong value for the center of the mesh. Can you tell me how you would do it in a material? Currently I have nothing connected to the bounding box node. This feels really wrong even though I am getting (the wrong) values...
  8. Distance from center in shops

    Before I do that, this is going to give me the distance from the world origin right? Not really the center of the mesh. If the mesh was postioned somewhere else, this would not really work right?
  9. Distance from center in shops

    Here you go. This file is a good example of what I am doing. ShaderExample.hip
  10. Distance from center in shops

    Yeah, seems like it I am probably not calculating the centroid the right way. How would you do it? I really have no clue how to do it in a shader, but in a point vop I can just average the bounding box outputs...
  11. Distance from center in shops

    Hey, so I did that and it did not really do anything. But it solved a couple of other problems I had, so thank you. Did not expect for shops to fall apart so quickly.
  12. Distance from center in shops

    yes, I did that. I just put a transform node between the P and the multiply.(To apply it to your example)
  13. Distance from center in shops

    Yeah I thought so, I tried transforming it into world space, but that does not seem to do anything...
  14. Distance from center in shops

    ok I will try that, but its going to take a while. there are a ton of references that will fall apart
  15. Distance from center in shops

    oh, i am working inside a classic shader