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  1. oh yes, it is obvious .. Thank you very much for your set up, anim !
  2. Hello ! How can I import the Glue net from DOP to SOP? When I tried to use Object Merge, the imported Glue net stands still in SOP. But I expect it to fall down and break ... ?? f.hipnc
  3. Random link of interest

    Hello friends!!! Have anyone saw the movie with the underwater scene, where the ship ran into reef ? So we can see the destruction of the reefs, turbid water, etc. Can you tell me the title of the movie or stock with such scene? It seems to me I saw something similar in the past .. thanks ..
  4. BulletSOP 2.0 beta_v3 for Win64

  5. 1 year of SOP playing.

    crazy, awesome, inspiring
  6. houdini12 interface problem

    Looks as some graphic driver issue. Edit > Preferences > 3D Viewports try to change GL2.1 to H11 or GL1.2
  7. crowd tutorial

    Thank you for your trouble, frading. Looks very useful.
  8. Nice Fire brushed and then lava dressed women is a good idea
  9. sprite rendering artefacts

    Thank you for your detailed explanation and wise suggestions, old school. I always appreciate them. As you might guessed, the final Miguel's comment in previous thread spreaded a vague doubts in my mind, that is why that thread didn't convince me finally. Now all doubts are gone. As for Raytraced shadows, I've already explored the stochastic transparency which is really helpful feature, thanks for pointing it. Now I am going to explore your suggestions one by one. In addition to sprites issue. You were wrote: ..where I can find it? Is it some kind of extension which I have to upload or just hidden parameter which I can add?
  10. Hi there! I've found the strange thing happend when I'm trying to render the sprites. The artifacts is in the shadows -- The strange lines, perpendicular to the light source. The light's shadow is set to the Depth Map Shadows. (with the Ray-Traced shadows everything works fine). Is it normal or may be I made a mistake? Here is the the thread from five years ago, looks like they have the same issue http://forums.odforc...adow#entry36486 But I am curious about if other houdini users have the same problem in Houdini 12? P.S. sure in some cases I can get around the problem by lower Alpha down to the life's end , as I show in figure #3 ( posted below. But it is a cheating. In the figure #3 (a) alpha is 1 and the artifacts is obvious.. Just in case I've also attached the file sprite_shader_ALT.hipnc
  11. I beleive you can find a lot of useful thoughts, directions and links here at odforce. Besides, there are many good news , articles, at SESI site. And of course, don't forget FXPHD. (http://www.fxguide.com/featured/art-of-destruction-or-art-of-blowing-crap-up/ http://www.fxguide.com/featured/the-science-of-fluid-sims/) Try to find articles or PDF papers in area you are most interested. Many theoretical knowledge you can take out of there. (for example, if you are interested in volumes: http://nccastaff.bournemouth.ac.uk/jmacey/MastersProjects/MSc09/Claes/index.html http://magnuswrenninge.com/content/pubs/ProductionVolumeRenderingSystems2011.pdf) Take a look at makingoffs video and try to analyse them. For example, digital domain have really detailed makingoffs. Hope that hepls.
  12. Welcome to v8!

    Thanx a lot Mark ! :D
  13. Welcome to v8!

    The animation on the gif-animated avatar no longer works (
  14. Helium balloon simulation

    ha! Very creative! ))) Thanks!
  15. Where Are You Now?

    hey, aracid! Please, add Russia to the list