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  1. Lets try to keep things civil great examples!
  2. when a video is private we can give the password out to Alpha/Beta/Whatever users, then just switch it to 'Public' when it's ready and we don't have to update any links etc. this is why we don't like things going public before they are ready :|
  3. @koanix5 we have been careful, but this was obviously an error - I'd have thought there would be enough general good will to make people let us know about mistakes like this rather than post something that was clearly not ready for the public.
  4. I know everyone is excited to see the next version of Houdini - but posting CONFIDENTIAL material will not be tolerated,
  5. typically you'd use bones for deformations but expressions at the SOP level are good for transforming geometry
  6. I think this thread has run out of steam... lets all move on.
  7. I've often looked back on the network(s) I'm using and thought "shit - this is crazy" and tried to go back and simplify - it's a good idea generally but it's a mistake to look at Houdini's node network(s) and think there are 'too many nodes' every DDC app worth using builds the same insanely complex networks - the difference is Houdini shows them to you...
  8. you can also try the good old wire object make the wire 'width' thick enough to represent your fish, then just sim the wires, capture/deform the fish with the wires: used this here:
  9. yep - Path parameter has been hidden also - there is a Follow Path tool on the Constraints shelf. I think there might be a bug with the focus handle but you should be able to put an expression in that parameter to measure the distance between the camera and the object.
  10. nope. you'll not find this is any DCC app the best you can do is export from Maya as FBX and use that as I guide to rebuild the rig.
  11. the LookAt parameter has been deprecated in favor of the new CHOP based constraints. (it IS still there if you Edit Parameter Interface and show hidden - but use the constrains instead)
  12. this is a nice RFE - please submit it
  13. please submit these as bugs/RFEs
  14. michael

    RGB to Kelvin

    this looks pretty good: http://www.tannerhelland.com/4435/convert-temperature-rgb-algorithm-code/
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