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  1. vfx oscars

    AFAIK, there is a 'bake off' in which some VFX people - no idea who - get together and make a short list that they send to the Academy... the actual winner is ALWAYS just the favorite movie of the voters...there are like 4000 of them and 99% have little knowledge of VFX...
  2. Geometry or Bones?

    Just a general question for character animators... what is the favored way of animating characters in Houdini...by using geometry driving the bone rotations/IK translations or the bones themselves? in maya we use geometry : is this the way to go in Houdini as well...or is animating the bones OK? ps: check out the full animation...we had 3 weeks to do this, from scratch...not even any character designs...so we had some room to have a bit of fun...'uncle buzz' is the best! he's the one who is giving the 'double thumbs up'...ah, such an idiot...lol
  3. Geometry or Bones?

    hmmm...yeah, I think I'm just a bit confused by the various types of FK/IK in Houdini, and the fact that the bones use regular geometry. I just found your leg - the one in the Isner spine thread ? - so I'll check that out. thanks
  4. Robota...

    I don't know why but I'm a huge sucker for this kind of stuff... Trailer it's very nice...and the music is pretty cool... all to hype a BOOK...one of those papery thingys....
  5. importing geo sequence into Max

    I'm assuming you're talking about the Maya2Max1.1 script on Highend... from the max script -- USER INTERFACE ITEMS button btnSourceDir "Where are the .OBJ files" on btnSourceDir pressed do ( local dir = getSavePath caption:"Select which directory \ holds the .OBJ files:" print dir if dir == undefined do return false stringdir = (replaceChar (dir as string) "\" "\") files = getFiles ( stringdir + "\*.OBJ" ) this says to me that a UI should pop up asking you where your obj's are...the usual file browser thingy.... that should work...although the script is kinda old... to import a series of OBJs into Maya you can try: FileInterp Plugin v1.0 I've never used it so I don't know if it will work....and it is VERY old...1999...lol HTH
  6. hmmm....

    yeah...it'll be that 0.022 guy...the sneaky bastard
  7. SOFTIMAGE|XSI EXP (Lies...lol)

    well we're talking about Quebec here... <arctor ducks...>
  8. vfx oscars

    Ep II. there were too many mistakes in Two Towers...and I don't think a movie should get the award for one effect - however well done, (I'm calling Gollum one effect) it would be like giving Best Picture to a movie because of the performance of one actor... Spiderman was very good - obviously - but the animation wasn't that great...
  9. importing geo sequence into Max

    I can't seem to find the script - it's the one on Highend right? - if you read the script it might say something in the header about where things need to be...or within thescript itself there may be an indication of where it send/looks for files... HTH
  10. Challenge rules

    MG > "...from a movie would be ineligible without the express written permission from the copyright holder." does anyone even try to get permission?...I think that this kind of contest might get a favorable response...you never know...
  11. Set Driven Key

    you can find it here boneconvert didn't seem to work...I think because there are other errors in the script...
  12. Set Driven Key

    hmmm...well... I thought the scripts were gone...but I was trying the site and not the link .... anyway... damn....that looks just like Maya's connection editor..LOL..cool...and it seems to work quite well... but the crazy stuff in the news sure is interesting... this is a little test to see what was up with the Maya To Houdini scripts from Daniel Kramer and Pete Shinners... MayaToHoudiniSkin.mel is busted in Maya 4.5... oops!...my bad...it does work...at least it does spit out an *.ocapt file...if yo can find it... maya loads MayaToHoudiniSkel.mel just fine and it kinda works: or should I say......Huuuuuhhhhh????? LOL anyway...it's a start.... and really I'm not too interested in getting rigs out of Maya and into Houdini but rather building rigs in Houdini ....so look for updates...or more l-system stuff depending on my mood...
  13. l-system question

    the problem is that I haven't figured out groups in L-systems yet... see the above post.... as for where I'd use it...well...I got two words for ya : "Swamp" and "Thing". I don't know why no one has tried it before...the first time I ever saw PaintFX I thought "oooo...swampthing...ooooo" but frankly pFX are a paing in the ass....although Maya 5 will have the ability to treat them as regular geometry (mental ray anyone )....so there is hope for it yet.... this is why I've been riding two horses.....l-systems and character rigging.....
  14. Set Driven Key

    GAAA!!... I knew it!....I'm on it
  15. Particles

    bugger...I just tried it and it seems I don't know how to do it in Houdini..LOL.. can you post or send me you file and maybe I - or someonw else - can help...
  16. rig?

    ah yes...that's the one... thanks for the pointer betty
  17. rig?

    I was thinking along those lines.... a series of named nulls that the user places at the right positions for their characters joints > then a script would build bones between them - in the correct manner and with IK etc...FK/IK switching...other things there was something here (?) about FK/IK switching but I can't seem to find it...anyone remember?
  18. l-system question

    here is a little test I did this week... it just an l-system preset with a creep on a twisted and scaled sphere... twist now I'm trying to figure out how to use groups within the l-system... what I'd like to do is put each branch into a group and then copy another l-system on to each group - so that the branches are not effected by the creep - have to dig into the docs more...getting a bit confusing
  19. Apple...

    from their FAQ: Q: How do I get a demo license of Massive? A: Massive is being beta tested at selected studios and will be available for sale soon. Demo licenses are not currently available. Q: Is there a free version of Massive? A: There are no plans to make a free version of Massive.
  20. rig?

    ooooo...videos....me like videos.... it's funny...today I'm rigging an old character that was made here (it's the Fox on this page here ), using our scripted setup...with only a few changes to the model I'm almost done...the beauty of it is that the animators (a cantankerous bunch at the best of times) are well used to using our control rig so they rarely have to learn a new rig for every character...and we can swap the characters animation for interesting, and sometimes bizzar effects thanks for the eg code edward!...hscript and mel are fighting for top spot on my 'learn/learnmore' list....python sneaks in there sometimes yeah....damnit...I think I'm going to do this.... re C.O.R.E....I didn'tknow that....that's cool....I keep forgetting about C.O.R.E, even though they are just down the street (the 'street' being HWY #1...lol), is x-men 2 happening there now??.... weeeeeee!!!....Grand Master it is
  21. l-system question

    yeah, not much new stuff but good background and it's cool to see what people are doing....
  22. rig?

    this really suprises me.... I know that Houdini hasn't been used for character work nearly as much as say Soft or Maya, but there are studios who have/are using Houdini...R&H - Daredevil, Monster By Mistake is all Houdini AFAIK.....so why isn't there a reasonably automated rig around (I guess there could be - just haven't heard of one) given the kind of control that Hscript gives I'd expect one or two of the smarty pants around here to have done it already..... as I said above, this is something that I've thought about doing for quite a while now, just need to improve my Houdini skills before I tackle it (and get l-systems out of my system .......mmmmmmm....l-systems...... ) . yeah, changes in the character tools can really be a problem - I've seen that in Maya a few times...but I'm not sure I like the idea of something built into Houdini - XSI has something but I'm not at all familliar with it - I can't help but think that a built in solution will cause users to change their workflow to fit that solution rather than finding a setup that fits their workflow/pipeline.....
  23. Particles

    you could project a texture from the side onto your ground, in such a way so that the higher points are a bit rocky and sparse and the lower parts are more grassy and full of leaves/tigs etc..... then your grass on top....HTH
  24. marc: model: sci-fi elf pilot

    nice work... I'd say she might be a bit this through the hips, thought that may just be the angle...
  25. rig?

    I don't see why not.... there's never a 'click once' solution, but you can get alot done automatically.... I was thinking of converting the rig system that we use at the studio to Houdini (we call it Gesture - so in keeping with Houdini - I was thinking of calling it 'Slight of Hand' so I'll TM that right now ) it's pretty slick....you import some sections of a skeleton, move them to the right areas of your model (a lo-res block version) and click-click-click-click you're done.... something like this shouldn't be too hard to do in Houdini... hmmm...maybe by summer....