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  1. bah

    hmmmm.....looks very nice
  2. Newest LOTR Character

    New Character for LOTR
  3. Happy Birthday to ...

    Happy Birthday Jason...
  4. I'm off to the airport bound for Montreal so I thought I wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season...
  5. yo

    LOL... happy holidays all...
  6. Modeling challenge

    well here's my WIP... I thought Houdini and I had agreed that my crappy 3Dlabs VX1 was 'ok' for most of my needs...but I guess not been crashing very regularly when moving through persp>ortho>persp and doing 'edits'... btw...I was going for a 'conan' type of sword...
  7. Linux at D2 article

    ...pretty interesting.... read it here now we know what Jason has been up to...and says something a little strange: "Terragen is our terrain-generating program that was used in Time Machine for planet shots'', says Iversen." I didn't realize that D2 owned Terragen
  8. Modeling challenge

    you should have used HDRI
  9. Modeling challenge

    Jason suggested 'friday after next' which I think means this friday (dec20) and since this post just made me a Houdini Master...This friday it is!!!
  10. Tcl/Tk for Houdini

    cool...thanks Dante, I've been wondering if Houdini has anything like Maya's 'echo all commands' in the script editor...with this feature on you can see exactly the code used to do each of your actions - it makes learning mel and writing scripts so much easier....
  11. SAG and their members

    everything I hear about SAG burns my butt... I'm the last guy to suggest that they 'stick it...' when they have concerns about their pention and health plans...but on the other hand...do we really want to see LOTR filmed in the US just because they want it to be...I can just see it... for Mt. Doom they use that rocky place where Capt. Kirk fought that lizard guy...
  12. lies, all lies...

    a bundle of fun for the whole family best viewed with no sound
  13. lies, all lies...

    hmmm...US?...no idea, there is talk of doing a movie - so I guess that would get to to the US... the characters are pretty cool, the guy that did the design work is super talented...it's just too bad the story is so difficult to sit through...a real nightmare production...be we all learned a lot from it... if you got to www.elfkins.com there is a trailer...
  14. cloth

    I haven't used it myself but I've heard very good things about this plugin, very fast to solve and esy to use...unlike Maya Cloth...
  15. Read/Unread topics

    I've had a few of the problems...but now when I read the forum I go into 'od[force] mode' and read the forum the same way every time and if I don't have time to read all the new posts I don't even login for fear of loosing the 'unread' icons...
  16. What is your favorite cartoon?

    Spy Groove...wasn't on very long, but I thought it was a hoot and of course lest we forget....Rocket Robin Hood!!!!!
  17. cool site for kids

    This site is an educational site here in Alberta, if you have school age kids you might see if they like it:Wonderville it's pretty cool, the activities are long and very interactive - but you'll need a good internet connection. the company I work(ed) for did the animation for the 'wetlands' activity as well as an intro animation - but it doesn't look like we got any mention on the site... plus the compression doesn't help...
  18. hippi biffday to daland

    happy birthday daland
  19. hair!!

    wow...very cool betty... but I must say...if I saw something like that in real life I'd step on it until it was dead any chance of posting an animation? looking forward to seeing more
  20. Happy Birthday to...

    Happy Birthday sirogi all the best!
  21. BMRT

    well it will be a 2.6 beta...and the only thing I could suggest is to do a google search...there are still some file download places that are serving it...or you could get it from someone who still has it... > I don't, just the Win version...
  22. reverse foot roll

    yeah...reverse foot is a maya thing... Alex > why would you want to do a reverse foot in Houdini?
  23. fluid sim

    the ocean shader is pertty impressive...I'm trying to work out a way to do terrain with it...so you could have a camera move in any direction and never run out of terrain.... hey Calosus > Fluids mov (for a limited time)
  24. shudder...

    abandon all hope...