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  1. od[forum]+od[force]

    how about an odforce menu on the right hand side at the top: od[forum]................................................od[force] logged in as foo......................................menu, menu, menu, menu the banner is in a table cell of it's own, so it shouldn't be too much trouble to add more to it...
  2. backtracking in a polysplit

    backspace works for this in Maya...
  3. Custom Panel

    $HOME/houdini6/subnet ____________^______ ???????
  4. Delete SOP problem

    <Win2K, Houdini 5.5.52> I'm doing the Contrail Tutoril from Techimage and I'm running into a problem: in part 1 (pg13) points are selected and grouped to act as emission points, then a facet is applied to make sure there are no shared points the network branches here: a ) a circle is copied to the points to give a larger surface to emit smoke from b ) points are deleted, leaving only one, to be brought into CHOPs but this is where things don't work as in the tutorial... in the 'b' branch of the network a 'delete' is appended to the 'facet' with the emission_group in 'Group' and Delete Non-Selected for 'Operation' > this works fine, leaving 77 points [0] > [76]. a second 'delete' is appended with the following options: group: n/a operation: delete selected Number is enabled Delete By Range : Start = 1, End = $N this is supposed to delete all the points except for point[0] but it doesn't, it does nothing. I've tried to play around with some of the options but it hasn't done any good... Setting Start to 0 and End to $N deletes the last point ( point[76] in this case ) Using 'Delete Non-Selected' with Start=0 and End=$N does nothing Using 'Delete Non-Selected' with Start=1 and End=$N deletes the last point ( point[76] in this case ) using emission_group in 'Group' deletes all the points so is it me?, Houdini 5.5.52? the weather? has anyone else tried this tutorial?
  5. Delete SOP problem

    already have a list... I tend to do tutorials 2-3 times just to make sure that the errors are with them and not me before I start sending e-mails... btw, thanks for your help.
  6. Delete SOP problem

    yep, that did it... I didn't goof around with that one because I didn't know what it did....now I do I'm finding lots more little things left out of the tutorial ah well...it's fun anyway
  7. Who is running what?

    http://www.sidefx.com/products/apprentice/...ails/index.html ...if you open an Apprentice hip ( *.hipnc ) in Houdini Master, your Master becomes Apprentice for the duration of your session... also if you open a *.hip file in Apprentice and try to save, the file saves as a *.hipnc all in all a very elegant solution as to the original question...I don't think it matters one way or the other...since all the files that are (will be) here are for learning etc, it shouldn't matter since everyone can open either file types.