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  1. Malicious Ads Again!

    our filters usually catch things - but they just keep getting smarter
  2. rocket launch

    Google is your friend just search Rocket Tutorial Houdini you'll get a few hits - including this one - it's a bit old but it should give you some place to start
  3. reset node

    put down a new mantra ROP MMB on it and see where it's type is being defined - you might have saved a custom one locally you can also use the Operator Type Manager to find all definitions of the mantra ROP - delete any that don't cone from the Houdini File System ($HFS)
  4. Flowers and foliage

    you can try the Trace SOP find some high res images of leaves - nice and flat - or head out with your camera and a piece of glass and take them yourself bring the images into Houdini and use the Trace SOP - it will get you the outline as a curve now you can build reasonable res geometry (and super low poly proxy) and you'll have the images for textures
  5. start with the basic tutorials at SideFX and then the others...get a solid understanding of the basics, then start with small projects that you know you can finish - and post here and/or on the SideFX forums when you have questions etc if there are areas that interest you, do a search and you'll find posts from people who have done similar things - and have even posted their hip files - they are great to learn from. and be sure to get away from your computer every once in a while
  6. CGMasterAcademy thumbs up, thumbs down?

    that course is very good - but yeah, $699 US is a hard pill to swallow. it's difficult to asses the value/money for Houdini courses - the pluralsight/digital tutors etc courses are short and, for the most part, quite basic. The CGMASterAcademy stuff that I've seen is much longer and very detailed - but not as detailed as some of the cmivfx stuff - and there you pay for access to the whole site... I'd say cmivfx is the best value for the money.
  7. permissions to edit file

    it looks like you're trying to edit a Houdini hda - these are write protected if you are just making changes that can live in that hip file - make the changes using the Edit Parameter Interface dialog - click the gear icon at the top right of the parameter pane if you want to create a NEW File Cache SOP - change the Save To field at the very top to somewhere you have permission to access - be sure to give the new hda a unique name.
  8. Tornados

    3 second google search for "tornado in houdini" brings up lots of links to videos, breakdowns etc
  9. cool! glad to see so much progress!

    nice work! and a very good brekadown.
  11. Solutions for a corrupted hip file

    opening the scene with -n is a great tip if you can't get this sorted please send the scene (and any external files it uses) to support. These kinds of issues are always hard to track down so having an example really help us out in fixing bugs etc
  12. Snapping to Nulls

    create an environment variable to turn off Fast Bones: HOUDINI_OGL_FAST_BONES = 0 see https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini15.5/basics/config_env - waaaay down at the bottom "When enabled, nulls and bones rendering is done by accumulating all the objects and issuing one instanced drawing call." what this means is that the bones and nulls in your /viewport/ are actually just instances of the first bone or null - which means they are super fast even when there are tons of them - we're actively addressing the lack of snapping (and other associated issues).
  13. CHOP Recipe Walk Cycle Biped?

    thinking about this a little more... it might be good to start with the hips drive the transformation of the hip (bone or ctrl etc) with CHOPs - just in one direction, with a bit of up and down, and a little side to side rotation. you could get the rest height of the foot IK ctrls and store that, then get the height of the hips every frame, then start introducing an up and down motion to the foot ctrls. you'll know how far down they can go based on the position of the hips and the distance to the ground, and how high they can go based on their distance to the hips. also you'll know that when the foot ctrls hit the ground they have to stay in place until the hips move forward beyond some amount...
  14. CHOP Recipe Walk Cycle Biped?

    it would be a lot of work but might be cool, if it could be repurposed to many characters... as a first step...I'd animate a basic walk cycle and then use a trail SOP to build curves to represent the motion of each bone - then try to re-create them in CHOPs or record the rotation of each bone and do the same...
  15. glad to help. as I said above, we'll be doing much more work on our docs and tutorials in Character in the near future.
  16. JASON?? is that you? Jeff said he suspects it's NANs can you send this test scene in as a bug?
  17. yep - dual quaternion will help right away. here is a few minutes of goofing around - I added a ctrl null to the left wrist - the LeftForeArmRoll will get (ch("../L_Hand_CTRL/ry") - 0.805894) / 2 for it's Y rotation, and painted the weights a little bit, turned on dual quaternion - the wrist can now rotate from -90 -> 90 without any candy wrapping or weirdness. real_magic_male_1a.fbx.hip.zip
  18. just saw this thread now... yes - the is called 'candy wrapper' and it's one of the basic issues you will always face in rigging. the RightForeArm and RightForeArmRoll are intended to share the rotations between them - effectively cutting the amount of rotation for each bone in half and thereby reducing the distance between each point and the bone it is captured to. if you can, upload your file and I'll have a sweep through it and weight it the way I normally would, and I can add some notes etc. our docs and tutorials will be getting a much needed update in the near future so this kind of thing wont be such a mystery
  19. while this can be done - DO NOT DO IT. scale your geometry instead - Houdini will work better and there will be less confusion.
  20. Collectiong project files

    if all the files are relative and are in some kind of project folder structure you can just zip up the whole thing.
  21. Collectiong project files

    have a look here : http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/basics/project the Pre-Flight option can help organise projects
  22. Pose Library and FBX?

    - just saw your promotion script and tutorial...but here are some answers anyway you should be able to go into the HDA and, in your case: select ALL the nulls open the Type Properties of the HDA - ****NOTE**** open the Type Properties NOT the Parameter Interface, they look similar but are very different - HDAs use the Type Properties. with the Type Properties open, and all the nulls selected, click on one of the Rotation (or any other parameters) parameters and drag it into the Type Properties window. You may want to make a folder before hand. now when you click accept, the channels will be promoted, autoscoped and linked. you won't have to select the HDA to set the keys once you save the HDA and select Match to Current Definition. HTH
  23. are you changing the scale of the object or of the Houdini units?