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  1. if you don't get any help here I'd contact SolidAngle since they wrote/support the plugin.
  2. ASF Reader Help?

    running Houdini 15.5.557 Linux Mint extracted your acclaim_example_set_acm+asf.zip file into a directory in a shell: > mcacclaim 61_11.amc 61.asf 61_11_test I get these two warnings but I do get the following files: 61_11_test.cmd 61_11_test.bclip and I can run the cmd file in Houdini 61_11_test.zip I'll find someone to test this on Windows to see if that might be where the problem is...
  3. MocapBiped1 Capture Weights (Huh?)

    a few things: 1 - you'll likely never get away with just using the capture regions or capture by proximity - an amount of hand painting weights will always be needed. 2 - I wasn't around when this model was created or used as the mocapbiped mesh - but I have had to work with it and it has a few issues, it's got some crazy scales for one thing... 3 - my bet is that the weights were established with regions or proximity and then the geometry was moved in and out, back and forth around a bunch of different file and finally added to the mocapbiped, meanwhile the mocapbiped bones likely experienced some adjustments along the way... so what you are seeing isn't really representative of what this kind of asset should look like under the hood, at least for standard capturing workflows.
  4. ASF Reader Help?

    is there a reason you're not using the mcacclaim command line tool? Help > Stand-alone Utilities > mcacclaim
  5. SideFX Siggraph Presentations

    pretty sure that things like the Piper Breakdown will only be available if you buy the Proceedings etc - and even then it will just be a pdf with an over view. as for the SideFX stuff - we'll be releasing some things soon - folks just got back so they're need some time.
  6. Random link of interest

    http://www.russian3dscanner.com/wrap-3-private-beta/ someone really likes Houdini's UI...and icons
  7. arc-productions-declares-bankruptcy Lots of friends in Toronto are out of work today if you know of any work in Canada etc drop me a line and I'll pass the info on.
  8. Best Particles and fluid simulation tool?

    all of those leaves can be made in Houdini - make one leaf and with copy stamping you can adjust the parameters that build the leaves to get the different looks.
  9. and aliases... I get to my usual working environment in a shell like this: open new shell > go this cd's to my working directory then I do > h 15.5 (or whatever version of Houdini I need to run) >The Houdini 15.5.551 environment has been initialized. then I use "ho" to run Houdini > ho fileName.hip
  10. Best Particles and fluid simulation tool?

    you may want to add Houdini to that list.
  11. VEX to animate waveforms from sound input

    it's not vex but this is a good start it's a 2 part tutorial
  12. H16 at Siggraph?

    Booth Presentation - Houdini Roadmap started about 20 mins ago... funny - but use headphones if you're at work!
  13. Saving Keys in an OTL

    easy? sure - if you count spending 10 minutes wracking my brain trying to remember
  14. Applying cloth wind dynamics to geometry

    looks like a cloth sim > point deform SOP
  15. Saving Keys in an OTL

    key your parameters then save the HDA, then: Edit Type Properties > Save > turn OFF "Save Defaults as Initial Parameters" save again.
  16. Is a single point "geometry"?

    I don't know what mantra is doing under hood, but my guess is that it's detecting a point and adding a hard coded 'something' - I bet we could change it to a teapot if we wanted If we didn't do that I'd bet it would just render nothing (as it should).
  17. Is a single point "geometry"?

    I think a point is not geometry - it's just a location (a P(osition) attribute), only if it carries other attributes that are related to geometry (pscale etc) then it's geometry.

    thanks the real question is...what is the current colour of Jeff's hair?
  19. nice. I'll have a look at this in the am you might want to give Proximity Capture a try - you can avoid manually adjusting the bone capture regions. how are you aligning the bones to the mesh?
  20. Houdini 16 Wishlist

    not sure why you're not getting this behaviour - when I put down a null and mouse into the Translate X param it doesn't select all the values (I'd like it to actually - RFE#76660) but when I TAB into Translate Y, the entire value IS selected and as I TAB the next is selected and etc etc. also - if you want to quickly set the value(s) of a parameter to default you can use CTRL+MMB
  21. Install BVH Into Mocap Crowd Agent help!

    you should try to read up on the different file structures of Windows/Linux/OSX instead of using the Textport to run the cmd script you can use the File Menu: File > Run Script - the browse for the cmd file.
  22. Avoid Rig Self Intersection?

    you'll need to make your mesh into tets, then capture the central tets of the mesh with bones, the rest of the tets will then be simulated.