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  1. Atom's Video Tutorials

    thanks! just a note: have you looked into the Trace SOP? it might make the pattern building a bit faster
  2. Houdini 15.5 Installation

    od[force] doesn't condone or support illegal versions of Houdini if cost is an issue there is a FREE Apprentice version that has very few restrictions and is designed for new users Houdini Indie is only $199/year and allows limited commercial use.
  3. I agree that there could be some recommendations from SideFX - gathered from our chats with customers etc... I'll kick it around and see what we can do.
  4. emojis

    I'm fine with the old ones... but it might be cool to have Houdini specific ones...SOP, ROP etc
  5. the likely reason you'll have a hard time finding information is that everybody seems to roll their own - and so what little info they are able to make public is often far too specific to their pipeline and don't work in other environments... something to think about... use your environment - Houdini can use environment variables so assets can have tons of stuff referenced deep inside but as long as you have environment variables set it'll find what it needs.
  6. Corridor Generation

    there isn't anything wrong with what you're doing...though you'll find it isn't very flexible - the more detailed your curve the higher resolution your grid will have to be. you might find more luck with building sections and copying them to the curve points and/or building sections procedurally between sections.
  7. cross-posting sidefx / odforce forums

    I think that's fine... one thing that would be good is, if you find a solution to post again to the other forum so that there isn't an unresolved topic.
  8. Hard Surface Modeling in Houdini

    looks like another great series! a series on UVs, procedural and manual would do well I think. thanks
  9. there are a few pages that still use the old site...journals, downloads are two of them the reason these still use the old site - and still require a seperate log in - are because these pages are wired into other stuff like our Support system we're working to get these pages in to the new site, but because they are a bit more complex it will take a bit of time. thanks
  10. New Pose Start From Current Pose?

    this has been added as an REF #75467 thanks
  11. Align Copy To Primitives Normals Not Points?

    damn your charming wit matt....damn it.
  12. check out the window COP - you might have better luck
  13. Random Merge node Output

    can't look at your file at the moment but what you're looking for can be done with not a merge but with a switch SOP and then copy stamping check out the docs and a quick google http://ramblingsofadigitalnomad.blogspot.ca/2013/02/copy-stamp-with-variety-of-objects.html
  14. Forum upgrade

    I think that's for cookies - once you click it that should be that...are you deleting cookies or using different browsers/platforms?
  15. Skin Editing

    this is a current RFE (I can't find the number at the moment) and something that we'd like to improve.
  16. Helix Along Curve

    Edit > Aliases and Variables > Variables ....PI
  17. Skin Editing

    capture your geometry then at the object level TAB > Edit Capture Weights select some points > at the TOP of the view port you'l see a button that says "Spreadsheet"
  18. Forum upgrade

    I'm not sure how long we've had the ability to 'like' a post...only a few years I think... a much better project would be to find all the hip/otl/hda that have been uploaded and make some kind of searchable database of them
  19. Random link of interest

    and there is this one https://gumroad.com/l/noBSLA
  20. upload the obj and we'll have a look. I notice'd from the other thread you're on a mac - I've had nothing but problems with Houdini + obj + mac...so it may be a bug.
  21. this came up a while ago pretty sure it's normals put down a clean SOP at the end of the chain and turn ON "Orient Polygons"
  22. Math in Houdini FX for TDs _commercial training

    nice! great to see these kinds of resources for Houdini users.
  23. Desert dust Hits, Pyro

    cool! one observation I'd make is that the dust clouds seem much too detailed - maybe tone that down a little bit something like this: