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  1. 2 hours ago, koanix5 said:

    @michael That's my mistake and I'm really sorry for that... I got excited and did that :(. But still a lots of people have already watched the video not because of my post but because they follow SideFX on Vimeo and got the notification of that video. But why not use your own server & site for such confidential content?

    when a video is private we can give the password out to Alpha/Beta/Whatever users, then just switch it to 'Public' when it's ready and we don't have to update any links etc.


    1 hour ago, rod.vfx.td said:

    yeap, i do not get why this is a new context, and not just a improvement to ROP context. But i think sesi have a good reason to do this way. So, let's wait to official announcement brother! :)

    this is why we don't like things going public before they are ready :|

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  2. I've often looked back on the network(s) I'm using and thought "shit - this is crazy" and tried to go back and simplify - it's a good idea generally

    but it's a mistake to look at Houdini's node network(s) and think there are 'too many nodes'

    every DDC app worth using builds the same insanely complex networks - the difference is Houdini shows them to you...


  3. yep - Path parameter has been hidden also - there is a Follow Path tool on the Constraints shelf.


    I think there might be a bug with the focus handle but you should be able to put an expression in that parameter to measure the distance between the camera and the object.

  4. On 12/07/2017 at 11:05 AM, LaidlawFX said:

    For the end or the beginning of node chains i.e. if they have no parent or no child, have a Network Pane Display option where you can highlight the bottom or top half of the node. Either with a gradient or a circle. This way you can detect dead ends, or the start of chains. Theoretically for instance in a "common style" where OUT is at the end, or you have a file or a primitive node these would be highlighted. This would help say you miss wire something or were debugging and forgot to reconnect a wore on how to connect them again. The alternatives are running a performance monitor test to check for dead leads(assuming all switches are working), pain painstakingly check all connections, or OCD reorganizing so the wiring is clear.

    this is a nice RFE - please submit it

  5. On 09/07/2017 at 2:28 AM, willow wafflebeard said:

    - have multple output from object subnet. or atleast in object level HDA.
    - python support for handles, or maybe a better way of setting up handles.
    - a way to extend or install a custom component in the new autorig.
    (my concern mainly is to save small portions of my rigs, automating the whole thing doesn't seem to be a houdini way. but i understand that this is the trend)
    - seems also that HDA now saves the userdata in its definition. that seems an odd behavior. is it intended? or bug?
    - the path+ikspline combo supports 360+ twist. but it seems like the "deform by bones" sop will flip anyways going beyond 360
    - "save content as lock" doesn't work if the asset was once had it turned off. ( can't lock it anymore ).
    - in the "change operator type", it would be nice to see the "version" namespace.
    - im using houdini 16.0.504, linux mint 3.2.7, forgive me if most bugs i said was squashed.

    please submit these as bugs/RFEs

  6. scripting/programming come into play in a number of different areas and to differing degrees.

    the most basic kind of scripting would be something like a channel expression - in the TX parameter of an object > sin($F) or a reference to another channel "ch("/obj/someOtherObject/tx")"

    these kinds of scripts can be simple or very complex and written in hscript or python

    VEX ( http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/vex/_index ) would be used to write 'custom nodes', a wrangle is just a container for vex script that does stuff, which makes the wrangle act like a custom node.

    vex is super powerful and can do lots of things that would be hard or impossible with Houdini's default nodes alone.

    Houdini has HOM (Houdini Object Model) and this exposes most of Houdini in a python interface - so you can write custom nodes, tools with UIs etc and just generally interact with Houdini using python.

    so it really depends on what you're doing, what your end goal is at any particular time.

    having a good foundation in scripting/programming means you're better able to take advantage of these things to get work done.


  7. 23 hours ago, kev2 said:

    Is it me or have the group nodes mulitplied like rabbits? After unifying noise, shaders, etc, I don't understand how node multiplicity makes sense elsewhere. Maybe SESI could weigh in on the thinking? 

    there were many people telling us that the 'one node to rule them all' was often confusing and they had trouble figuring out where/what was going on, and there was interest here to split them up to make fixes/features easier to do in simpler code.


    19 hours ago, marty said:

    @michael yep exactly - copy/paste works well but it would even be more fluid, and exciting, to be able to drag-copy a node or bunch of nodes of the same type between networks.

    personally I find copy/paste faster, easier and far less error prone than dragging nodes around. and there would have to be lots of logic for what you want to do after the drop - copy of nodes, move nodes, make reference etc

    RFE it if you think it's worth it

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  8. 21 hours ago, marty said:

    opt+drag a node is super nice, so it would be rad to be able to opt+drag into different networks. Would really feel like a file browser then!

    do you mean drag a node from one network to another (of the same type)?

    copy/paste works, and each network type has it's own clipboard.