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  1. If you are not using the shelf tools you need to setup the integrator yourself.
  2. HOM from shell in macOS

    I had the same issue if someone comes find this thread on google, the issue is still there and you have a simple way to solve it: https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/72778/
  3. Ohh!! The script is part of the hip! Thanks
  4. Hi Atom, Thanks! Did you remove the script I cannot find it ;(
  5. The Book of Shaders in Houdini Vex

    Great shares, do you happen to have this sample available? @Librarian
  6. Does anyone know an alternative to efit in hscript ? I want the same behaviour to scale down the sensitivity of an asset parameter, with unclamped range.
  7. UV's carve problem

    rude and blind...
  8. Great idea. Would you mind hosting the code on Gitlab or else ? I'd like to contribute but using odforce attachments will soon become a mess.
  9. I might be wrong but you should normalize the Normal vector first no ? vector moveAlongV(vector position;vector norm; float dist){ return position += normalize(norm) * dist; }
  10. Houdini Expression Editor plugin

    Great thanks a lot. This should be doable no ? I'll look into the code
  11. Make A Belly Bounce?

    For a simple FEM setup I think you are looking for the pintoanimation parameter. Add it to the points you want to stick to your rig (invert of the belly) in SOP. Source: http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini15.0/nodes/dop/solidobject #attributes
  12. Melting // FLIP

    Really cool stuff Ivan ! Thanks a lot alksndr, I didn't know you could "separate" fluids using a sop solver, that's really what i was missing I think, going to retry my setup now. I will post the result here if interesting
  13. Melting // FLIP

    Thanks but I know that, and that's not what i'm looking for.
  14. Melting // FLIP

    I cannot find how. The VEX condition on a Pop force as in Benn's Tutorial. Using Pop VOP & Using a Pop Speed Limit... The problem seems that once a part gets activated everything falls down without breaking into different parts per viscosity/velocity.... If any one has a clue!
  15. Melting // FLIP

    Sorry I was not very clear, I want an object to be able to partially melt without the unmelted falling down Here is a sketch of what i mean. I found a thread on OdForce where someone had tweaked the FLIP Solver so that Velocity is upgraded before the Integrator. Quite old and I wasn't able to manage the same setup on FLIP H14 Hope it is clearer. I'd love just point outs on how it could be done. DOP is the part of Houdini I feel the less confident for now, especially Gas, I don"t quite understand all of them.