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  1. Thank you mate, this is real help.
  2. Hi there, I made a scene for simulating a piece of rope with the help of Vellum objects. Although it looks great, I noticed that when I use a polywire sop there is a lot of twist motion that makes the rope behavior unnatural. I posted the scene here so if anyone is kind enough to look at it and give me some suggestion for fixing the rope yaw rotation. thanks in advanced. RopeSimulation.hip
  3. Flip jittering and meshing problem

    Good point, I never thought about using a simpler SOP for meshing fluids. I used Particle Fluid Surface SOP for that, actually if you missed it I attached the hip file in first post. Thank you. I will test this now.
  4. Flip jittering and meshing problem

    Hey snoot, I tried turn filtering off but my mesh is still flickering and holes appears in random places, so I guess it's not the problem here. but about sop solver you may be right. I will add a wrangle and set the force of particles that are close enough to their final position to zero. If you have any other idea about achieving a smooth mesh I will happily hear. Thank you
  5. Hi guys. I'm trying to achieve a covering cream effect with Houdini flip and I have two issues here. As you can see in the hip file I used a Pop Attract DOP in my simulation. One of my problem is though I append a Drag DOP the flip particles won't stop in a smooth fashion and it jitters all the way to the end. Also when I mesh my sim I can't prevent my flip to build random holes. Can you help me to fix those problems please. AttractingFlip.hip
  6. Best way to make the ocean on a tiny planet?

    Hi Andrew I don't know if you need actual Flip or just a deforming grid for ocean. But I think you should look for Ocean Spectrum and Ocean Evaluate nodes which can totally create a sphere ocean. Let me know if you need more help.
  7. Image sequence texture error

    I don't know why but when you promote the path parameter and use the expression outside of the vop it seems ok. So that's it.
  8. Hi everybody I want an animated texture map in my shader and I assume a $F is the way to go but unfortunately the texture vop just raise this error: "Cannot have channels which depend on time." Although the path evaluate correctly in texture node the render sticks to frame 1 texture. So what am I doing wrong? Thank you.
  9. Arnold Mesh Light doesn't work

    Thanks man, you saved my day. I managed to do what you said and it's interesting in look but the noise is really expensive to reduce. So I will try using point lights and driving the intensity and color by area of the polygon flame or maximum of sampled heat attribute and see if it works properly.
  10. Arnold Mesh Light doesn't work

    Hi Juraj and thanks again. yes I didn't now that both mesh and light should be visible to arnold, although I couldn't render a full emission mesh but I turned of camera ray on mesh and now I have just fire light. and about what you said about sampling heat, I didn't get it exactly. do you mean that I should use a volume VOP and sample the heat or temperature onto some random points that I scattered inside the volume itself and use those points as fire source? if it is could you tell me how should I use points for lighting? thanks man
  11. Arnold Mesh Light doesn't work

    Thank you Juraj, I looked at those pages before and I think I did everything right but actually I'm trying to light my scene with fire that I have and I thought mesh light is the best way for lighting the scene (fire to poly). So what can I do to replace my fire because of the noise that you mentioned?
  12. Hi guys, I'm testing Arnold for Houdini and I noticed that mesh light doesn't work in any condition. So do you think there is a way to recreate a mesh light with Arnold light shader? Thank you
  13. Hi guys I have a flip tank simulation from ocean surface and it has a displacement map created from the ocean below. So as I render the flip object with mantra when "Allow Motion Blur" is off everything is OK but when I turn on the "Allow Motion Blur" it can not create the displaced geometry in render time and it takes for ever although cpus are on 100% load. And I should say the "Allow Image Motion Blur" is off and I just want motion vector pass from rendering. I tried different rendering engines and raytrace motion blur but no change. I try to create a small hip from that now. I would be really thankful if you can help me with this problem. Update: I added hip file and sorry for the size. ForumFiles.rar
  14. pyro rendering question

    I mean check the alpha value of the pixelated area. usually it's something between 0.05 and 0.01 so it won't add pixel effect to your composited image.
  15. That's what I have too. This is what happens when you convert vertex uv to point uv and it's not simple to fix. Let me work on that tomorrow.