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  1. rbd sim lost uvs

    This trick worked great, however when i import into Maya its as 1 piece... is there a way i can have each piece individually while still keeping the attributes?
  2. Dynamic RBD - Houdini to Unreal

    Would anyone know how to pre-fracture geometry in houdini, bring it into unreal engine and have it be dynamic (responsive to real-time collisions)? I know unreal has a way to do it and be dynamic, but Im wanting to be able to art direct from houdini for the area where my collision will happen in the level. I have already tried pre-fracturing with voronoi and exporting as alembic and fbx but no dice. Just wanted to see if anyone had a solution to this. Any ideas?
  3. Import HDA/OTL to UE4 not working

    turns out you need to have Houdini Indie in order to bring in otls from houdini to unreal
  4. Houdini FX Artist - Available

    I am currently available for Visual Effects work. Please contact me at: jameshadkins@me.com
  5. hey all, Ubuntu newbie here, I keep getting this error when i launch H16 with Ubuntu 16.04. (please see attached pic) Coincidentally when i try to render anything or do a flipbook (of even just a sphere) the screen fades to super dark, not all the way black for a few minutes then resumes the session with no render, or flipbook. I can play in the viewport just fine, and i can render with the IPR but the above does not work. Also I have no clue how to setup my save files on Ubuntu, i have a second HDD for houdini stuff specifically and I have no idea how to navigate to it for saves. Any help would be very much appreciated.
  6. Houdini FX Artist - James Adkins

    Hello, I'm James Adkins. Currently available for Houdini FX work. Please DM or email me(jameshadkins@me.com) for my demo reel password as the work in this reel is still under NDA. I have attached my CV as well, if there are any questions please let me know. jamesAdkins_resume_feb2017.pdf
  7. Import HDA/OTL to UE4 not working

    yes i am using apprentice. I you're right and that it might be that, which kinda sucks but i get it. Awesome! thank you so much for the help LaidLawFX! Ill let you know if i get it sorted out with this new info!
  8. Import HDA/OTL to UE4 not working

    Any progress with testing? I'm still getting the same result
  9. Import HDA/OTL to UE4 not working

    Its all good, thanks for testing it!
  10. Import HDA/OTL to UE4 not working

    I am using Houdini version 15.5.673 Unreal Engine 4.14.0 and the HDA is just a few boxes with no promoted attributes. JayAims_buildingTEST.hdanc
  11. Import HDA/OTL to UE4 not working

    Hey all, I am trying to import my OTL into UE4 using 15.5 (NC) using this tutorial here and when i get to the part where i bring the asset into the UE4 project all i get is the Houdini logo in the viewport. I can move the asset around but it never updates to what my asset is (a test building). Does anyone have an idea what could be causing this?
  12. particle "beam"

    I think that one may have been a bad example. something more like this green beam from the spear
  13. particle "beam"

    Hello Houdini Masters! I'm having trouble with finding a starting point for creating a beam of energy being shot out of the barrel of a weapon. I haven't worked with particles much, but I don't really understand how all those particles become something so clean as a solid beam of "energy". I have some reference as to what i would want the beam to look like: (lilo & stich - the green ray from Jumba's gun): (WoW: Legion trailer - Sylvanas's arrows she's shooting) If anyone has any links to tutorials, articles explaining the process for this, or has any first hand experience working with partcles/"energy"beams your help would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance
  14. emit smoke when rbd hits the ground plane

    Roberto would you mind posting a HIP file still? This is something im trying to implement but am having the same problem. Thanks!
  15. I understood every word of this. lol. Sorry just excited that im understanding the lingo of Houdini! Alright! ill put this into use! Thanks Tomas!