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  1. Hi ! After trying out pretty much anything, the texture baker doesn't seem to work... At all. I get a bunch of python errors and it never bakes out anything to my HIP directory. So at this point I'm pretty saying f*** it. I've read somewhere that VDBs can inherit the UVs of the second output, so that's a good way for me to fuse the meshes, and for the baked out UV's i'll try and make myself some Camera rig so i can arrange everything in comp. Thanks for all the help !
  2. Hi ! With further experimentation it seems that the Mantra UV render node is quite limited compared to the 3DS Max Projection Modifier. Even when turning the sphere's shadow projection off, it still displays as a cut out because the sphere doesn't have the same UVs as the Tree object. Also, it totally ignores the ligthing at the back and bottom of the tree because it bases itself on the camera view, which isn't what I want. Basically what the modifier does is to Create a cage around the source object (example: A High poly mesh and non-connected accessories). The cage includes the base mesh and all the defined objects that are included in the "volume" of the cage. Then it bakes out the lighting, shadows and colors of the base mesh + whatever is also in the volume, BASED on the UVs of the base mesh. Not only from one camera angle but from EVERY camera angle. Unlike Houdini's UV render. The result is a flattened UV view of the base mesh + objects that can then be transfered to either to a Lower resolution mesh or whatever. Otherwise is there a way for me to have my growing ivy use EXACTLY the same UVs as my tree even though they don't have the same vertices, geometry, volume or anything in common ? I really don't want to be stuck animating in After effects, extruding them or using Volumes. I know it's oddly specific but I'm only asking because if Max can do it, why wouldn't Houdini ?
  3. Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately as I stated earlier the UV render object works all fine and dandy for my Tree's UV, but the object "sticking" on the tree's surface just doesn't show where I want to. I've painted a pretty picture to show what I mean. http://d.pr/i/11a42 As you can see the object sticking on the tree, in this case a sphere, just appears like it's "cut out". thank you !
  4. Hi there ! I wanted to know if there was a way to bake out geometry and lighting in UV space in a similar fashion to the Projection Modifier in 3DS Max. Here's an example: https://area.autodesk.com/louis_tutorials/export_and_import_the_projection_cage One of my coworkers uses that method to bake out vines growing on a tree. The result is a sequence of baked out UVs with the vines properly placed on the tree's UV space. I'm using a Ray SOP to stick the growing vines on the tree, then in a Mantra ROP I plan to use the UV Render object to bake out the tree's UV. My only worry is how would I get the vines to render out in the tree's UV space ? Hopefully someone has an answer to this otherwise i'll be stuck lighting and texturing in Max Thank you !