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  1. imported geometry pivot

    thank you guys. very helpful
  2. imported geometry pivot

    Thank you Fred! It helped me a lot. FBX is fine I think. on the other hand .Obj files are not. so I need to import all objects from maya via FBX format to retain its original transformations?
  3. imported geometry pivot

    thank you but, It is not what I want. I don't want to move the pivot to centroids of the entire object or any primitives. I need the exact pivot position of the object shown in the picture.
  4. imported geometry pivot

    well It works just fine for the pivot of the bounding box. but what about an arbitrary pivot like this: and rotation?
  5. imported geometry pivot

    thank you Adrian! the thing is I need Its pivot exactly where It is in Maya, so I can rotate it around. the pictures shows what it looks like in Houdini. (obj and FBX in houdini)
  6. Hello I imported a geo into Houdini from Maya. I want to rotate it around its pivot, but the transform node doesn't respect the imported geo's pivot.It sets it to the origin. is there any thing I can do so Houdini uses the original imported pivot for transformation? thank you
  7. simple bullet sim problem

    Hello I have a very simple scene that I need to test. whatever I do, the connected pieces explodes when they hit the ground. I tried every possible way that I think of but couldn't figure out why a simple sim can't be done correctly. please help I'll much appreciate . thank you circle bullet.hip
  8. Grain particles explosion

    Hello I have a very strange situation where the grain particles suddenly explode along a line!.instead of volume collision I used "use surface collision" for collision detection for the body of the butterfly .as you can see there is no problem, but right the next frame the particles explode in such a strange way that I couldn't figure out why. I checked the setting for dozens of times... I found nothing wrong.I have other simulation with the same setting, It is worse.please let me know If something's wrong. thank you in advance
  9. Matrix in wrangle SOP

    trying to shorten the code more and more.... like this: matrix3 m = set(v@tangentv, v@tangentu ,@N); float angle = @Time; vector axis = @N; rotate(m, angle, axis); @orient = quaternion(m); and even more shorter like: float angle = @Time; vector axis = @N; @orient = quaternion(angle, axis); this should work right? but @orient strangely shifts when the geometry deforms. don't know why!
  10. Matrix in wrangle SOP

    very cool f1 .. working just fine.. I'm new to houdini (vex).. I learn a lot from your posts. thank you
  11. Matrix in wrangle SOP

    hello I did that same thing in a scene with copy sop and simple teapot. ( here : decided to the same vop sop rotation matrix in attribute wrangler .. as you can see in the attached file, everything should work .. like the vop sop version but It doesn't . I couldn't find out why. might you please look at the file? thank you in advance teapot rotation.hip
  12. Matrix in wrangle SOP

    oh .. thank you... sorry completely forgot that
  13. Matrix in wrangle SOP

    hello f1, thank you for you great posts. I have a situation here, and can't figure out why it's happening. I'm applying the same code. ( a simple rotation around {1, 1, 1} , the white line) matrix3 mat = ident(); float angle = ch("turn") * radians(360); rotate(mat, angle, {1, 1, 1}); @P *= mat ; but points, instead of rotating also moves. I tried to divide that with position vector of each point to get just rotation and not translation , no success. is it meant to be working like this, with transform? .. I mean It should work.. but.. thank you in advance
  14. helium balloon effect

    hello I'm looking for a effect that a balloon grows up ,filled with helium. please let me know how It is done in Houdini. thank you in advance
  15. snapping point to a Null

    thank you Maurits! It is always good to think in Houdini in groups, vectors, wrangles.. I like that! in the modeling I like a little bit classic approach