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  1. Animated smoke shapes

    Hey Guys, I am aiming to create animated shapes made of smoke that can be controlled, the first few seconds of this video show a good example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_cwRqXBR4Q So far I have been able to emit smoke from a shape but I cannot find any documentation for creating the effect I am looking for. If anyone has any tips or would be able to point me in the correct direction I would appreciate it Thanks
  2. Pyro Collision Problems

    Thanks! I followed your instructions and now it works as expected.
  3. Pyro Collision Problems

    Thanks for helping I checked the primitive normals and they match what I have in Maya. I also passed it through the PolyDoctor SOP but it doesn't make a difference, the geometry is pretty simple anyway so I could easily double check for odd geometry before I exported.
  4. Pyro Collision Problems

    Hey everyone, I am having a problem with collision between imported geometry and a pyro solver, whenever I use collide with object from the populate container tab Houdini uses 99% of my memory (32GB) and crashes. Whenever I do this with a primitive created in Houdini it works, the crash only happens when I try to do it with imported geometry. I am exporting the 55 polygon geometry from Maya as a .obj and then importing to Houdini. This is probably some small thing that I am overlooking but any help with the problem would be very much appreciated. Thanks