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  1. FLIP smorganic/sheeter effect?

    This is awesome what you created, it would even greater if you could make some tutorial how to make it
  2. How can I use ocean spectra with Redshift, it there a way to use baked spectra cache in redshift shader?
  3. How can I use ocean spectra with Redshift, it there a way to use baked spectra cache in redshift shader?
  4. Collectiong project files

    Yeah, exactly something like that
  5. Collectiong project files

    Tnx for this, but there is nothing about collecting files in one .rar file or something like that
  6. Is there a way to collect project files in houdini like in after effects?
  7. Water drops on surface

    Tnx, this is exactly what I need Can it be done with flip fluids?
  8. Water drops on surface

    I want to create water dripping on glass surface and than sliding from it. Something like this https://ws.onehub.com/files/zz3dmpaz
  9. whispy smoke trail

    tnx guys you helped me a lot this is what i managed to create, but it doesnt look whispy what am i doing wrong smoke_v004.hipnc
  10. whispy smoke trail

    Im trying to achieve this kind of look: http://31.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_ldrnj3TJZo1qasq3to1_r2_500.gif that black whispy trail I tried using particles whit some forces and then converting them to volume using isoOffset, but i cant get to look like this in gif. What is the best way to make it like that? tnx smoke_v003.hipnc
  11. dynamic fracturng bgeo cache retime problem

    Ok, but how can I make it work with dynamic fracturing? Can you explain me this reverse engineer solution, or send me some test file
  12. I cached dynamic fracturing, but when i want to slow down i get some problem with geometry when using timeblend and timeshift. Geometry problem is happening on frame when shattering is starting, what is the solution for this TNX shatter_01.hip
  13. collide with object pyro problem

    Im creating explosion which is moving through tunnel, but when i want to collide it with tunnel geometry it doesnt work. Im using colide with object, can someone help. geo.rar