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  1. Thanks Atom, as I tried the previous link (and solutions) and being sadly unsuccessful I'll give this a read and go thanks!
  2. Thanks for the insight crunch, I'll work through the methods and see what they yield.
  3. Every now and again my houdini apprentice crashes with the "display driver stopped responding and has recovered" error appearing afterwards. I downloaded the latest Houdini apprentice and re-installed it more than once after seeing some old (2011-2012) posts on this subject on a couple sites. The strange thing is it crashes mainly when I do pyro sims but also when I'm doing non-intensive stuff to (basic SOP stuff). Does anyone have any advice on this subject please? PC specs: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit AMD Phenom II 3.4 Ghz 32 Gb RAM Radeon HD 5800 with 750mb RAM of which I also have and installed the latest drivers
  4. simple transformation transfer

    Hi anim, thanks for the reply, aha I realize now that I made the same mistake with importing camera alembics... thanks for the patience...
  5. I have animation that's done in Maya, a character moving a paint roller on a floor. The roller has no transformations on it but is parent constrained to the wrist joint of the character, so the roller moves but has no transformations. What I have to do is create a paint effect in Houdini but I'm not sure how to solve the problem of the constrained roller. I have tried baking the animation in Maya (obviously to no avail, because the geo holds no transforms). Any insight as how to create or make transformation info to Houdini? Thanks
  6. Awesome plug-in

    I managed to plug an existing geo node perfectly into a digital asset without connecting strings...(throws sandwitch across the room and yells YOLO)
  7. SOP solver transfer points from dop import

    Hi Paul, thanks for your interest in my predicament haha! I have attached a file which includes everything (including my fragmented attempts) except for the animated alembic file as it is a bit too big to upload and I tried to save out an obj and animate it in houdini but I found that I also couldn't upload an obj. If you have any input or pointers I would greatly appreciate it, thanks! odforce_fluid_pops.hipnc
  8. SOP solver transfer points from dop import

    Hello again, I still haven't been able to solve this problem. To try and solve the visual problem in a different way I tried to take the fluid as it is imported into the fluid SOP from the DOP network. From there I tried to plug the fluid particles into a popnet and use a collision detect to delete the particles. This still is not working...pretty lame haha! What is happening in the shot is a droplet of fluid falls onto a floor and afterwards a little car comes to clean it. Again any help or insight would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  9. Hello, I am having a problem with the SOP solver when trying to transfer points from a dop import to a points from volume. When I use the attribute transfer on its own the points get moved no problem, but when I use the same attribute transfer inside a SOP solver no dice even though it's the same way I've used it a number of times before. The only difference is that I'm transferring points that was created in a flip fluid simulation and I'm using its dop import as the points source. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  10. POP kill in flip fluids?

    Thanks guys, much appreciated
  11. POP kill in flip fluids?

    Hello, I'm trying to kill particles from a flip fluid object that goes beyond a certain velocity (particularly in the +y direction). I plugged a POP kill into the particle velocity input of my flip solver with an expression: dead = @v.y > 10; No errors or warnings on the POP kill but its not working, am I missing something regarding the relationship between pops and fluids? Thanks
  12. Is there another way to keep transferred attributes from the previous frame other than using the solver SOP? I cannot use the solver because I'm working in an animated and scaled alembic that I imported about which I can't really do anything about. When I transfer attributes from one piece of geometry to another, the object which I'm transferring to animates with the transferer object (like it is parented). Super weird, so might I be able to use a VOP to cheat the solver in some way?
  13. Smoke motion blur from alembic

    Hi Peter, thank you for the clarification!
  14. Smoke motion blur from alembic

    Hi fathom, thanks for your help man. I appreciate the clarity regarding the motion blur and the old faithful smoke problem. I haven't worked with the timeblend sop before so moving through t he H example file a the moment. With regards to the subframes I hope I'm working with enough of them to use the emitter's motion. Your point velocity solution seems interesting, although I'm still not doing something right and it might be something different all-together. I've got to be honest I'm not sure what the highlighted box in the screenshot is
  15. Smoke motion blur from alembic

    I have attached my H file with a proxy sphere basically animated on the path of the alembic source for added reference or insight. smoke.hipnc