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  1. Hi Guys, In my scene an object comes out of the ocean. I am trying to use the "guided ocean layer" for that but I have a strange issue while I'm trying to simulate with lower particle separation. Basically, my flip tank is pretty small (2 by 2) with a boundary layer of 0.25 in any direction. The issue I am having is a sort of vertical jitter of the water. In order to try to understand the root of the problem, I went back to an empty scene, created the "guided ocean" from the shelf and updated it with my tank size and the particle separation I need (0.003) I already tried to have a bigger tank (around 5 by 4) and a slightly thicker layer of water but without a success. I am loosing my mind here, did any of you had a similar issue? This is the result I have after 7 frames of sim. I posted this on SideFX forum as well... guidedOceanTest.hip
  2. Hi guys, i have an urgent task and I’m running out of time. i have an animation of 2 characters walking over leaves, I tried using bullet but they are unstable, probably because they are intersecting... (I didn’t use constraints, I just activate the packed rbd when the feet are nearby) do you have an idea? have anyone of you made an FX like this and can give me an advice? thank you very much lazza79
  3. Hi magicians, Just a curiosity: when you open a file, do you know if it's possible to have the files listed as "24h" instead of AM/PM ? I couldn't find it in the preferences (in H15) and my system is already set to 24h time format. Thank you! Lazza79
  4. Solver SOP and substeps

    Yes, that is what I experienced. I will try now to find the complement of the decay (1-0.85 = 0.15) and multiply that for the @TimeInc. But I am not sure this will work...
  5. Solver SOP and substeps

    Thank you! I think I did something wrong because I tried that but I couldn't see the effect. I'll have a go again! Cheers! Andrea
  6. Hi Guys, I am trying to solve a small problem but I can't figure it out precisely. I want to use a Solver SOP in order to have a color decay effect. Let's say I decide that the color decays 15% each frame, so I put @Cd.x *= 0.85: in my wrangle The problem happens if I increase the number of substeps to 2 or 4, in that case, obviously, the decay rate of 15% will be each interaction and not each frame. Could you please help me with this? In the attached image, I use a random to decide how much to decrease the color of the point, based on @dist attribute... Cheers! Andrea
  7. Constraints with RBD and Cloth

    I found out that I had some other problems in this scene and remade it using rbd only with cone constraints to simulate the rope. Cheers! Lazza79
  8. Hi Guys, I am trying to achieve this effect: a rigid body (like a bullet) hitting a round target hanging from a tree. Somehow, I managed to have the rope holding the target with a cloth + rbd. Now I fractured the target but I cannot use the glue constraint because I get a warning (attached). I had something wrong with the names, so now the constraints are working, but I still don't get the warning. The merge is already set on "mutual"... Can someone please enlight me ;-) ? Maybe there is also a better way to achieve this effect... How do you guys will achieve this effect? Thank you guys! Cheers, Lazza79
  9. Helix Along Curve

    Hi Guys, these are excellent examples, but if I try to do the spiral for a curve with direction 0,1,0 the spiral is not happening... I am sure it has something to do with the trigonometry of the thing but I don't know how to solve it... Any idea? Cheers! Andrea spiralize_vertical.hipnc
  10. Help needed from clueless student

    Hi, I am not an expert (still learning myself) but I think your setup is a bit wrong. I fixed it using a copy sop, to copy the spheres on the points and an assemble sop to create the packed geometries. I just added the ground plane and not the other grids you had. In order to control the bounciness of the balls, try to play with the "bounce" parameter in the Physical tab of the ground plane and the rbd packed object. Cheers! Lazza79 Ball Pit Ball Simulation_packed.hipnc
  11. Help with vex

    Great! Thank you! I'll check it ASAP! Cheers! Lazza79
  12. Help with vex

    Yes, that is similar. Almost what I want. The difference is that I would like also the 2 stars that are touched bu the polygon, fully become red. I see in your video that when they are touched just one or 2 legs become red. I would like that if one leg becomes red, all the other legs connected do. Thank you very much!!! Cheers! Lazza79
  13. Help with vex

    hmmm, no. I have several "umbrellas" sometime near to each other. I'm afraid that using neighbor function may get a point form another umbrella... Thank you! Lazza79
  14. Bug was solved on daily 548: The Connectivity SOP now has a parameter to choose whether to create a local variable or not.
  15. Help with vex

    Hi Guys, I would like to ask your help for some code. i have some primitives (constraints) disposed like an umbrella (one on top and many on the bottom, disposed round-is (like an umbrella). Imagine now a sphere going along the scene, when the sphere touches any of the extreme points, il would like to transfer a parameter from the sphere to ALL the connected points. I think I figured out how to do it but I don't know the code: I would like to know how to, having one of the 2 points of the segment, to know what is the number of the opposite point. Thank you! Cheers! Lazza