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  1. Problems with constraints

    Interesting! I tried to reduce the size of the wall and actually, without touching the constraint, it holds. Thank you very much!!!! FINALLY I got it! Cheers! Andrea
  2. Thank you very muche rayman... I don't know what happened. Maybe some hardware problem or at that time, a temperature problem. I'll try again... Cheers! Andrea
  3. Sorry about that, it's a Macbook Pro 15" Late 2013: i7 with 16gb Ram and 512SSD. Video card should be GeForce 750M (https://support.apple.com/kb/SP690?locale=en_US) Ok, I'll try your suggestion, thank you very much!
  4. Hi, I am still having this issue that hovering on a field it doesn't show me the context help. I am following a course in CGSociety and I can see that the tutor can see it. He has 15.0.272 on windows 10 I have 15.0.347 on OSX 10.11.3 I see that I am not the only one that is facing this issue: https://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_forum&Itemid=172&page=viewtopic&t=37444 Is still a bug or maybe I have to set something? I already checked this: Edit > Preferences > Scripting turn on "Context Sensitive Popup Help" Thank you for your help. Cheers, Andrea
  5. Hi Guys, in my windows version of Houdini 15, POP Network is not working anymore. This is the error I get: THE ATTEMPTED OPERATION FAILED Traceback (most recent call last): File "model_popnet", line 7, in <module> File "C:/PROGRA~1/SIDEEF~1/HOUDIN~1.347/houdini/python2.7libs\hou.py", line 5154, in setName return _hou.Node_setName(*args, **kwargs) OperationFailed: The attempted operation failed. Another strange thing is that in my Mac, I can see "POP Networks" and "POP Networks Old" Any Idea on what's happening here? Best regards, Andrea
  6. Thank you for the answers guys, but maybe I didn't explain myself clearly. I know that it is supposed to show 2 POP Networks, the problem actually was in my windows version that suddenly ceased to show the old one and the new one couldn't be used at all. I resolved the question by uninstalling all the subversion of H15, delete all the folders and reinstall the latest version. I just wanted to ask you guys if somebody know what could have happened and how to solve it faster than reinstalling everything. Cheers! Andrea
  7. Eventually I had to reinstall everything, but it would be nice if anyone knew what happened and if there is a quicker solution... Thanks again... Andrea
  8. Hi guys, I am trying to realize my dream to become a cinema VFX artist. In particular I would like to become an FX TD. I started following some courses on Digital Tutors and CGSociety and acquired (a few) modeling skills modeling in maya and I am continuing studiyng fluid simulations and destructions in Houdini. I know this is a difficult question, but what should be the right approach to become an FX TD? Right now I have to start to create my reel in order to apply for a job. What do you suggest? I mean, what I could use to create my reel? I saw some showreels on vimeo and I think I also need to know about rigging and shading... Any suggestions? What I should do? Cheers! Lazza79
  9. how can creat vortex cloud

    Awesome and extremely useful! Thank you Diego! Ciao, Andrea
  10. Advices for learning path

    Yes, a friend of mine already warned me about it. That's why I asked for advices on what to focus to enhance my shot(s). Let's say that I go for the molotov against a wall, I have to make the rbd, flip, and pyro simulations and then, to make it realistic I should study the shader? As I said, I am working hard in order to realize my dream, I just need a bit of "guidance" As far as I know, basically, what will "sell" the shot will be the shader/rendering and a good integration in a real environment. Am I right?
  11. Advices for learning path

    Awesome! I love the molotov idea! Maybe smashed by a bullet... I'll think about something! Thanks a lot!
  12. Advices for learning path

    What you mean by smaller scale effect? What do you suggest? Thank you for your advices...
  13. Advices for learning path

    Thank you very much for your reply. Let's say that I would like to do a showreel with a destruction of a building involved. How you would proceed? I mean, after you did the model and destroyed it, how you can make it look real and merge it in a real environment? Should I study texturing, shaders and compositing?
  14. Simulation cache

    Hi Guys, I am a relatively new user and I have a question: is it possible to write out in some way a simulation so that if you interrupt it, you can resume it from where you left? I have this very complex simulation that takes about 2 hours per frame, is there a way I can parallelize the job in multiple PCs? Find (part of) my HIP attached, the aim is to render the file in ropnet node in order to create a "preview" animation and a "full resolution". Cheers! Lazza79 explosion_slow.hip
  15. Learning VEX via Animated Gifs - Bees & Bombs

    Hi guys, where do you get the knowledge to do these stuff? I mean, is it sufficient to take a VEX course or other things as well? I can read VEX because I have some programming skills, but how do I get the ideas on how to move things? I know is a strange question but this would really help... Cheers, Lazza79
  16. Hi Guys, I am just curious to know if anyone updated OSX to the new version (El Capitan). Is it working fine? Did you had any issues? Cheers Lazza79
  17. Ocean FX & FLIP Sim Advice

    From an "audience" point of view, seems ok... After adding foam, bubbles and the other effects it will look great...
  18. So, the subtitle is: DO NOT UPDATE or you will face a valley of tears and frustration
  19. Hi guys, I am still working on my boat and I would like to alter the animation. In the detail, I would like to "rotate" the boat a little faster when it hits a wave, so I think that the better way it would be to alter the "x" rotation (in orange). I would like to obtain the result you see in white. I think the way is to alter the channel values in the CHOP network but I don't know which function to apply or, if it is possible to manually alter the lines. I tried to use the "math" operator and multiply the values for 1.5 but it only increases the degrees of rotation and it's not what I want to achieve. Imagine a boat that gets a wave: it rotates up very fast, then "rests" and then when it hits the sea inverts the rotation and then rests again... Since my animation was created by the projection of the boat to the sea waves (with some filters and lags), it is too linear... Thank you for your help. Cheers! Lazza79
  20. Modify animation [SOLVED]

    Yes!!! I think this way is the one I was looking for!!! THANK YOU!!! Cheers! Lazza79
  21. I am probably the less expert of the forum but I'll give it a shot. I think that your goal is to generate foam from the cusps of the waves. You can use this trick: apply "measure" SOP to your grid, use the "curvature" parameter to isolate the cusps (I used an attribute VOP with a FIT to get the curvature > 0.5). At this point you know where the cusps are and using the color, you can generate points that you will eventually use to generate foam. I hope this helps you... If not, remember that I'm a noob! I'm attaching the file I created for the example Cheers! Lazza79 curvature.hipnc
  22. Modify animation [SOLVED]

    Thank you Bluciensky, unfortunately that was not the result I was hoping for (maybe i didn't explain myself correctly) By applying the clamp I actually achieve less rotation and all the cycle will level up to the same value. Even amplifying the "wave", clamping it and filtering it, I will obtain almost the same result. Basically, what I would like to achieve is that when the waves is goin up or down, the slope is more "vertical" but the distance between the apex should remain the same, as it should the amplitude. Cheers! Lazza79
  23. Box-zoom on a mac?

    I have a Mac as well, can you explain what Box-Zoom is? Cheers! Lazza79
  24. Hi guys, I am a beginner with Houdini and I have a strange problem. Yesterday night, I ran a simulation on my Mac (twice) and everything went fine. Today, I tried to run the same simulation on a PC (windows 7 and the same amount of ram) and Houdini slowly ate all the ram and crashed the app. Any ideas? There are some parameters to change/optimize? Thank you for your help. best regards, Lazza79
  25. I usually use MacOSX (very similar to Linux), sometimes I use my PC in office as a "rendering machine". Thank you for the advice!