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  1. Hi guys, sorry to annoy you but I am just entered in the "world" of VFX and CG and I need your help I am trying to create a shot of a boat moving. I have created a collision geometry, a proxy volume, and run the simulation (particle separation is always 0.03). Once I converted the particles to volume and then to polygon soup, I noticed that the water moved by the bow is wrong: there is a small "gap" between the bow and the water, as if something is between them. I am posting 2 screenshot of the particle simulation and the conversion to volume. Thank you for your help I don't know if you can see it but the lower part of the volume is correctly attached to the boat, but then the distance increases... Cheers, Lazza 79
  2. Volume "gap" [SOLVED]

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH, OLD SCHOOL!!! I did the most stupid of the errors: since both the volume nulls from "BOAT" and "BOAT_MOTION" had the same name, I confused them! I should have checked better, before asking for help! Now should be ok! Anyway, it's all experience, thanks a lot! If you pass from London, contact me and I'll buy you a beer! See you soon mate! Best regards, Andrea
  3. Volume "gap" [SOLVED]

    Hi "Old School" and thank you for the reply. I am not sure I understood your reply I use the geometry model converted to a VDB volume as a "volume proxy" in the simulation. I just noticed that the voxel size of my model is 0.04 and the particle separation in my simulation is 0.03, is this that you are referring to in the above quote? May be the problem? I am attaching my file, could you be so kind to put some notes in it where these modifications should be done? (FYI, the frame shown in my screenshots is 27) As I stated I am a noob and I have not full confidence on the terminology yet... Thanks a lot! Lazza79 yacht_v02a.hip boatExport.zip
  4. Hi guys, The question is simple, I am trying to make a shot of a boat with some waves: is it possible, in the OceanFX tool, to "time shift" the ocean? I'm asking because the waves I like are about 50 frames after the start of my ocean and every time i want to modify something I have to "waste" a lot of time while Houdini cooks the scene. I hope you can help me. Cheers! Lazza79
  5. Thank you very much! I tried and the ocean seems different but probably is just a feeling. I think I will set the proper time in the ocean_render node and reference the time parm in the preview, so that once I change one, the other is updated as well. Thank you again!!! Cheers, Lazza79
  6. Hmmm, looks like I solved the problem thanks to a related post ( http://forums.odforce.net/topic/23185-flip-simulation-investing-in-a-new-gpu/). Now the ram seems stable. It looks like that 'cache simulation' parameter is not working properly... Thank you anyway guys. I'll post another question Cheers, Lazza79
  7. Flat Tank in houdini

    Thank you Federico, I tried to increase it but I can't see the blue. Maybe the "mode" is wrong? Which mode and division methid do you suggest me to use? Thank you!
  8. Flat Tank in houdini

    Hi Guys, I have just started to learn Houdini and VFX. I also had the same problem of Peon with my scene but I didn't understood how to correct it. Is there somebody that could explain me how to solve the problem of whitewater inside my boat? Here you can find my houdini file and the boat object. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fl809wl9bl4ce0q/AAD3fsdBniL8U3TNWd68bQQVa?dl=0 Thank you! Best regards, Andrea