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  1. If you use the Path tool to create your curve and then apply Bones From Curve on this, doesn't it just work?
  2. applying orentations to bones

    I emailed you my example.
  3. TCL escape characters

    Daniel, by that standard and this one particular problem, you should tell them to remove tcl/tk support altogether!
  4. Challenge: condensation trails

    IMHO, the only restriction on challenges should be the use of houdini alone. One could argue that by doing this challenge without the use of the trail sop you might learn something new about houdini that you didn't know before. However, there's many of us new to houdini that wouldn't even know how to use the trail sop to accomplish this effect which means that this restriction would be silly. I'd say, let's promote the most clever use of houdini irregardless of what features are used.
  5. Insert point into a polygon

    Just a small point but you can make multiple cuts in polysplit. Which means that for this example, you only need 2 polysplits.
  6. crawling

    maybe rest position sop
  7. keeping capture in place on loading

    See my post in this thread: http://odforce.net/forum/index.php?s=9ff5f...T&f=15&t=572&hl
  8. Problem saving i3d files

    What specific problems? Do you have a .hipnc file? I did something with this a while ago which I posted on 3D Buzz. See the sem2.hipnc link at http://sv1.3dbuzz.com/vbforum/showthread.p...&threadid=21729 .
  9. Ray labels with VEX.

    Has anyone considered using image3d shaders for doing subsurface scattering?
  10. Light objects

    You can also make a light array to simulate area lights.
  11. Keep Faces together

    right-click on the polyextrude handle and choose between "local" and "global"
  12. Instancing Geometry

    Indeed, the mirror sop doesn't restrict you to having a centre axis although it's probably a good idea anyways. Check out the Origin parameter in the mirror sop. For snapping, look at the snapping options. Once you have snapping on, moving the handle (say from within an edit sop) will snap to what you want.
  13. trigger chop

    Not quite sure. Try using a fetch chop to fetch your object's translate channels and then feed that into the trigger chop. Then you can try appending a logic chop perhaps to execute some special hscript commands to start your animation? Or instead of executing some scripts, you could maybe pipe that into the second input of the export chop to control whether your animation gets exported out of chops.
  14. boolean

    ROPs are in Outputs. Try using Cookie instead of Boolean on polygons. I just tried this with a vex mountain applied to a grid and then did an A minus B operation with the cookie of that grid with a poly tube and it seemed to work. I needed to do some clean up afterwards though with a blast sop.
  15. 3DBuzz

    I third the nomination! The sidefx mailing list has it all! Drama, conflict, comic relief!